Congratulations to Lindsay Mayert!

Our main employee, Lindsay, is now a Certified Picture Framer! You can be sure that she has the qualifications and appropriate advice for helping you with your framing needs. Custom Picture Framing is a very comprehensive segment, and Lindsay has demonstrated in private testing by the Professional Picture Framing Association that she has attained remarkable skill and knowledge in the craft. As a certified member, she also has an amazing source to call on if any new questions come up with unique framing challenges.

Lindsay has certainly put in the time & studies and has the paperwork to prove that she ‘Knows her stuff’ when it comes to picture framing. This is not an easy test. Many framers fail after months of studying heavy material. Kudos to you Lindsay!

I hope you will congratulate her by visiting us here at The Framing Nook.

Now we are busy making it look pretty.(We tend to do that!) Ornate frame on a certificate? Looks great don’t you think?  You will have to pop in to see what it looks like all framed up.

History of the Certification Program
The Certified Picture Framer® (CPF®) examination was developed in 1986 in conjunction with Educational Testing Services (ETS) to provide professional recognition to individuals successfully completing the established criteria. In developing the CPF® program, PPFA sought the expertise of industry leaders, representing a wide range of educational backgrounds and proven talents in the picture framing industry.

The objectives of the certification program are to:
• Standardize the principles and practices of the
• Encourage self-assessment by offering guidelines for
• Award recognition to those who have met the
established criteria. • Improve education within the industry by encouraging participation in continuing education programs.

Who is the organization that regulates and issues the certification?


About The PPFA

The Professional Picture Framers Association is dedicated to promoting and upholding the professionalism of the custom picture framing industry. PPFA provides framers and retailers with educational opportunities, events, certifications, competitions, exclusive member discounts, online communities, and additional resources to expand knowledge and promote business growth.