michelle-1From South Korea to you!

Michelle is working her way up to serving you with all your framing needs. Having the kindest personality, our newest addition to our staff, is excited about her future, as she learns the ‘art’ of framing your memories. With her Bachelor’s Degree of Graphic Design, living in Canada for 7 years, she has worked in the professional photo lab industry, as a graphic designer and a photo technician.

Moving to Red Deer only last August, and loving it right from the start, she says ” Now I’ve got a job that I like, I love to see how to turn the art to an extra-ordinary piece when we put the right mat and frame around it – I love to see happy customers.” Realizing the difficulty learning & speaking the English language, as well as the endless amount of knowledge & skill needed to serve our clients at The Framing Nook, Michelle is eager to take the bull by the horns. She says she is “confident in who I am & what I can do at The Framing Nook.”

She should be plenty busy as she says she is “learning violin and I am a member of Red Deer Art Club. Music and painting is my life in Red Deer now. I am so fulfilled and blessed since I moved to Red Deer. I certainly see my future in The Framing Nook, Red Deer!!”

Having Michelle join our team with her cheerfulness, intelligence & eagerness will surely be a huge benefit to us, and especially to you, our clients. Please come in for a visit & say hello to Michelle!

Some days are better than others for various reasons to each person. Some days listed on the calendar have notations written on them indicating a special event or commemorating someone in particular. One calendar I refer to on a daily basis has, for the month of May, a few of the following notations.