unknown-1A Day

Some days are better than others for various reasons to each person. Some days listed on the calendar have notations written on them indicating a special event or commemorating someone in particular. One calendar I refer to on a daily basis has, for the month of May, a few of the following notations.

May 1st in the USA is noted as “National Day of Prayer”, otherwise labelled “May Day”, but May 5 is when “May Day” is said to be “observed”.

May 11 this year is called “Mother’s Day” in CAN, USA, AUS & NZL., and the following day is titled “International Nurses Day”.

May 17 in the USA is titled “Armed Forces Day” and

May 19 is called “Victoria Day” in Canada.

May 26 has a notation for “Bank Holiday” in the UK & “Memorial Day” in the USA.

The “Feast of the Ascension” on May 29th, is the last noted day on this particular calendar.

Which of these specially marked days are important to you? Which marked day makes you sad? Which marked day makes you very happy? Which day do you have a special gathering or ceremony on? Do you “dress up” really nice for any of these days? Do you celebrate any of these by yourself or with others? Do you ignore any of these specially named days? Do you know the history origin of why each of these days came to be called what they are? Maybe there is a day not marked by the publisher, but it has significance to you, such as vacation time, graduation, passing of a loved one, birthday or some other milestone or memorable happening in your life. Days this month which I consider special are:\
1. (Grand)Mother’s Day since I have 3 children, 2 Sons-in-law and 3 grandchildren

2. Victoria Day because winter around here is pretty much over & if it isn’t snowing, we hope to go camping that long weekend. It also marks the first Saturday of the summer months in which The Framing Nook is closed.

3. Ascention Day is special to me because that’s the Day my Saviour ascended into Heaven to sit down at God’s right hand until He returns to take me up to be with Him there! Oh, what a day that will be!