The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

We’re all looking for the gift that keeps on giving. No-one wants to be the giver, or the receiver, of the gift that isn’t remembered the day after! You want to give an amazing gift that will be enjoyed for a long time. You want them to remember the occasion, and probably won’t be disappointed that they would remember that you gave it. It is not as hard as you might think. You might not be able to make it a special day, so just remember what was the most special day of their past – and have them enjoy those same feelings every day.

“Any items you have that are associated with Dad’s greatest memories can be framed so that he enjoys them each and every day!”

If they won a medal – frame it for them to enjoy. If they built a business from the ground up – frame something that reminds them of the accomplishments. If they attended a sporting event that really was memorable to them, frame the tickets and photos of them at the game. Concert tickets and albums of favorite bands, players jerseys, even some jerseys or clothes they wore years ago, that are associated with great memories can be framed up and certainly can be the greatest gifts you can get a Father.

Here are some questions you can answer to come up with the greatest gift for the Father in your life:
What is his favorite sports team?
Did he play himself? Enjoy it?
What are some of his greatest accomplishments?
Who fills a very important place in his life? Maybe you?
Are there some ‘bad’ memories that he can now look back at & laugh about?
What is his greatest goal/s?
What would he like to buy if he could afford it? (Pictures and models may be affordable)
What would he do if he had the time?
What won’t he ever throw away!?
Any of these answers should be enough to get your ideas churning – bring them to us and we will help you make more than a special Father’s Day!

The Framing Nook can help you make a lasting impression this Father’s Day!