Happy Canada 150th Birthday!!!

A very special weekend is coming up – 150 years for Canada!!!

“What is the “Chant national”?  Do you know the history of Canada’s National Anthem?  Did you know it was first performed in February of 1880 but did not become Canada’s official anthem until 100 years later in July of 1980? Listen to the instrumentation below – (takes 5 seconds to load)

Did you know that the official music is not copyrighted, but is left in the public domain, but different versions of it may be copyrighted?  Do you know who wrote the words?  Most of us know the first verse no problem, but did you know there are 4 stanzas?  Do you know who composed the music?  If you wish to test your knowledge or learn more about it, click here.

History of our National Anthem here

More about our anthem here