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…blown away…

Sandy MacGregor says:

The artist was blown away to see his drawing framed as you did.  He said he had know idea what difference a frame could make.  The finished piece has a place of honor in my sunroom for all to see!  Thank you.

Family Heirloom

from Ken & Janet Gillert:

My Grandfather emigrated from England in 1926.  He brought with him 2 canvas prints of the European Naval Review that were originally drawn for Her Majesty the Queen in 1856.  They sat in a storage trunk until last year when we found them.   This being a huge part of my history…


…it was very important to me to have them framed, and in such a manner that it would preserve them from any further degradation and damage.  There was only one, place I would consider…The Framing Nook. 

We brought them into the store and spoke with Brian.  He helped us in selecting both the matting and frames that would bring out the history in these amazing pictures.  We were excited with our selection and couldn’t wait to have them completed.  When we picked them up, we were absolutely thrilled with how they turned out and they now have pride of place in our home.  I know my Grandfather would be happy to see that they have been mounted and displayed as he was an avid photographer who was well noted for his work.  These will be handed down through generations to come, with a little blurb on the back giving their history. 

Brian and the staff at The Framing Nook are extremely skilled in what they do.  They were very helpful and friendly through every step of the process.  Thank you Brian and Staff!!

Wonderfull additions!

From Barb and Guy Hitchcock:

We recently had two Bateman prints framed by Brian at the Framing Nook. We were delighted with the finished products. We appreciated the time that Brian spent with us to get the frames and matting just right. The end result is perfect, with each picture enhanced by the choices we made. The service was excellent with the projects being completed on time. These two pictures hang in our living room, complement our décor and are wonderful additions to our collection. We would highly recommend the Framing Nook.


Donna Potts says:

My parents reached an incredible milestone on Oct. 10, 2016 when they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in Delisle, Saskatchewan.

We wanted a special gift for this special event so I knew I had to go see Brian and his staff at the Framing Nook…


I wanted a memory box depicting my parent’s lives on their farm and in their community. My dad and his siblings had done something similar for their parents, my grandparents, when they celebrated their 60th anniversary almost 30 years ago.  

My grandparent’s memory box now travels from my dad’s home to his sister’s and brother’s home every four months so they can each enjoy the memories of their parents. The fantastic memory box put together by the Framing Nook staff now resides in my parent’s home in the landing very near the front door!! They want people to see it when they come to visit.

Needless to say my parents were more than pleased with the blend of pictures and mementos. Mom has been told by a friend that the Framing Nook memory box is the best they have ever seen!!!  The Framing Nook certainly know what they are doing!!  The service provided by Brian and his staff was exemplary.

They were very attentive, knowledgeable, accommodating and friendly. When I wasn’t sure about certain aspects of the process they provided their expertise and creativity. They were very conscious of the time frame involved and stayed in contact with me on a regular basis just to clarify or discuss ideas.

I was excited to see the final project and was not disappointed. I would highly recommend the Framing Nook for anyone who wishes to preserve and celebrate precious family memories.



Jason Martens says:

Hi Lindsay and Brian. I am so pleased to send these pics to you. They are beyond my expectations and look amazing in our games room. Thank you very much for all of your advice and professionalism. Your attention to detail and care in packaging is of the highest quality and standard. The mounting system the best I have seen. Please feel free to use these pics as part of your portfolio if u wish.


James Lakeman says:

Brian and his staff know how much of a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan I am, I was in the shop one day and they brought out a new picture that they just got in and I bought it right on the spot…


I’ve had 2 other pictures framed there before and was very happy with the help they gave me choosing colors and materials to go with the finished products where amazing, and the job they did on this one was just as amazing as the others

I am very happy with the finished product, It looks great hanging in our hallway of Rider pictures that I have,†this picture will be†prize piece of my collection for years to come because of the great job The Framing Nook did†framing this picture. They had the framing done faster then they said, I was very excited about seeing and picking up the finished picture I was not disappointed the picture and framing was just amazing everything looked so good together.

Brain and his staff are always very happy and helpful and make the decision to have my framing done here a very easy one and I will continue to have my framing done by The Framing Nook I have a couple†signed Rider jersey’s that I’m hoping to get framed soon. Thank you for doing such a great job with my picture. James Lakeman


Barb Sale

Barb Sale says “Living in rural Saskatchewan during the 30’s to the 60’s, my father was a big part of everyone’s entertainment! Playing the violin for just about every local dance, party or wedding …



Jeanette MacDonald says:

I had the Framing Nook recently frame my Butterfly Lace – “Chatelaine”.
This is the most extensive and jewel-like cross-stitch piece I have EVER done. Took me one year and three months to complete

The butterflies are one thread over one thread, has 3,293 Delica beads, 36 crystals and 4 flat-backed (Blue Spruce) Pearls…


It has specialty stitches as well as cotton thread, silk thread, silk varigated thread, Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid, Edmar Rayon Thread, Swarovski Crystals.
It is stitched on 28ct Light Yellow Jobelan. With butterflies, I believe it celebrates ‘Life’ very well.
Although I hadn’t used The Framing Nook before, I DID realize they had the computer knowledge and the computer program to make any piece TOTALLY outstanding.
At first – the price blew me away and I had to catch my breath but, I recovered and decided to let them show me their talents.
They quite literally ‘blew me away’ with their creativity. Yes .. even with an eye to the very high price, I cannot find ‘guilty’ anywhere in my feelings .. just admiration.
They’ll be seeing me as a customer in about one year .. I am doing another Masterpiece.
I have presented my piece on Cross Stitch Bulletin Boards with people all over the World.
They exposed The Framing Nook’s talents along with their name and address. I let people that adore your framing decide for themselves.


Corrine and York says:

Thank you for your generosity and we are absolutely sure that your product from the Framing Nook is the best on the planet. We know because we see the framed NASCAR Jackets almost every day.


This one was commissioned by the father of a player on the Hunting Hills High Schools league championship winning team.  The game went to six periods of overtime.

Congratulations on the win, and we hope you enjoy the memory for years to come.


Almost a hundred years ago, George Gourley gave this watch to Zellah on her 18th Birthday.

It was Aug 24, 1916. Recently, George’s widow, Edith set out to make a permanent memory of this event, with the help of her daughter Bernice. They enlisted the help of the staff at The Framing Nook and were very pleased with how it all came together!


From Arlene Hilman

Every birth is a miracle, but this one, is really special to Arlene Hilman, who says; “Having a grandson diagnosed with Spina Bifida …


”worth cheering for”

Danielle Dobson says: 

I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you did framing our jersey. It turned out better than we could have imagined and we can’t wait to hang it up!

Thanks again! 

Creative Endeavors

Bob and Judy Dussault:

As you well know, our son’s art is very unique and very precious to us.  We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you to find the best framing for each of his works that we have brought to the “nook’!  Your personal creativity is very obvious but your willingness to listen to our observations, preferences, etc. is equally appreciated by both of us.

The finished product in every instance has high-lighted his creativity and  blended so beautifully with his subject matter that they always seem to belong together and appear as one.

Given our son’s continued artistic endeavours, I’m very sure we will become involved with your creative endeavours again soon!

…more than excelled…

Betty Ann Munroe says:

While at the Spruce Meadows Christmas event, I was drawn to a print from Fine Art. The story about the Calgary Stampede horses touched my heart so I purchased the number one print of nine. The Framing Nook has previously done 2 framing jobs for me, so I asked Brian to help. He more than excelled at the finished product. Not only the framing but the engraving of the story was so perfect!!! This framed print is PERFECT and one of a kind. I would highly recommend the Framing Nook for any project.


Special thanks to the Guys from Geezer,   Eastview Community School’s heart-throb band, for-getting their sticks and picks framed from their showcase concert at Bo’s Bar and Grill.

What a fantastic way to keep the memory going.  Keep strumming guys!


Gerry Harris says:


I recently had a 3 generation Harris family montague done at the Framing Nook.

I found their staff to very friendly and knowledgeable.

I hope my grandson [4th generation] will enjoy this for decades to come.

Gary w harris, Red Deer


Brian Rypstra

My fathers keepsakes were in a shoebox after he passed away a few years ago! These were items that told his whole life story. Memories that were collecting dust – in a place where nobody cherished them …



Mrs. Sharpe

I was having a hard time deciding on an original Christmas gift for my husband and decided on a gift certificate at The Framing Nook thinking he could frame some of his autographs or collectables he has accumulated over the years …



Judy Leslie

Out of the safe and onto her husbands wall! Judy Leslie wanted to give something really special to her husband this past Christmas – and she sure did! He was very touched…



Dr. Caroline Krivuzoff-Sanderson says:

“Brian and his team at The Framing Nook have done some wonderful framing for me over many years. He has always been knowledgeable, professional, and creative in his work. The quality of the finished product is second to none. I highly recommend Brian for all your framing needs. Dr. Caroline Krivuzoff-Sanderson Dentist – Red Deer, AB”


From Shauna Harrison …

“My children never had the chance to know her: She is one who would have loved them dearly.” We have the box of pictures and things …



John Dickin of Red Deer is happy…

“Many of the local engineer’s memories

of his father were hidden in a box, but John wanted them in a display over the fireplace so that he and others could enjoy them …



Julia Polutnik says:

“Many girls complain about their mother-in-laws – but I can’t! She was such a wonderful lady – she would make us all laugh and just had the ability …



From a Recent Client

“My husband served as a new Scotland Yard detective. The pride of accomplishment associated with that …


4.7+ Facebook Reviews Here

Over 4.7 Rating with more than 18 Reviews Posted

Memories forever!

from Judy and Frank Neelands:

My husband, Frank, and I have used The Framing Nook on two separate occasions. The first time was to have my grandfather’s WW1 medals framed.  The second time was to have Frank’s dad’s WW2 medals framed.

In each instance there were pictures and other artifacts accompanying the medals.  We were extremely thrilled with the finished product as the medals were the main focus but attention was also given to the other items so they weren’t lost in the background.  Both are hanging in our living room and we’ve received many compliments on them.

We appreciated that Brian could take our wishes and turn them into such meaningful memories.  He provided us with different options and suggestions without pushing anything on us.

The Framing Nook is our “go to” business for any of our framing needs.


Vern Shelly Frentz says:

Shelley and I are very happy with the work you and your team have provided. It didn’t take long for Shelley to direct me to get them up on the wall. They are up and secure and look incredible. No better way that I could think to celebrate my sons art work. Thank you for doing such a professional job and making these memories stand out.


Lawrence Weber says:

I was looking thru the internet searching for high-end framing. We have framers in my town here in LOUISIANA but they do your basic mat and frame. I wanted something not cookie cutter.

I own a large collection of pricy autographed sports memorabilia and wanted to give Sydney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, Mickey Mantle, and Michael Jordan the quality they deserved…


Luckily, I found The Framing Nook on-line. I have never seen framing at that level. So, I spoke with Brian and sent a box of everything I owned pertains to Sydney Crosby. This included an authentic game jersey autographed by Sydney Crosby, 4 8×10 autographed photos, patches, and a nice nameplate. I mailed them all to Brian from LOUISIANA and based on his framed Crosby work on his website, I just told him to “Create whatever your eye sees.” Well, I am dumbfounded. The work is spectacular, (albeit pricy). I got what I paid for, probably more. It is i mixture of symmetry AND abstract. I believe he uses a CNC machine with computer to make such beautiful curves and exact corners. Long story short (I know, too late), I love Brian’s work at The Framing Nook and already sent him all my autographed Michael Jordan memorabilia.
That’s TRUST. Thank you Framing Nook and Brian!


Mae Abma of Lacombe says …

“I can now share all the memories that are kindled when she thinks about all the children that were baptized in this gown …



Anna-Marie Loomis says:

I travel a great distance to get friendly professional service.  Brian & the staff are always willing to spend time with me picking out just the right matting & framing for each piece I bring in to get framed.

I personally have not found another business that works with me as much to carefully pay attention to detail in each piece I get framed.
They have extra features ..


.like matte carved logos – we greatly appreciate it. They make each piece unique & add to their overall appearance.
I absolutely trust them with all my expensive collectibles. After having dealt with The Framing Nook for almost a decade we have a very good relationship.
Our guests are very impressed with them; especially after learning that Brian created them for me after he & I consulted on their designs.
We now have quite a unique sports display room – It is a great room to watch movies & sporting events.
Made even more special because we know some of the men who have signed the jersies hanging on the wall!!
Anna-Marie Caroline Alberta


Arrowheads found at a homestead Southwest of Bowden.

The first Arrowheads were found when Darwin’s Grandfather stumbled upon them while cultivating in his fields. In total, the collection has grown to well over 50 pieces of various shapes and sizes. The ones pictured here …



This is a classic setting of the war memorabilia left to a local man by his father.

Rather than put it in a drawer somewhere, we did this one of a kind setting to remember him by.  A truly fitting memorial.


Rick Williams says:

I am more than happy to provide you with details of my experience with the Framing Nook as well as a bit of background related to the items you prepared for me.

The story:…


One of my employees knows that as a long time drummer myself, one of my heroes is Neil Peart of the band Rush. Somehow he managed to come across an on-line auction that was selling a signed drum head that had come from a benefit concert put on by Neil. It was autographed by 20 of the best know drummers in the world.

It also included the background story, list of participants and a photo of Neil adding his autograph. Needless to say this is a really great piece of music memorabilia and as such deserved the best treatment possible …..to not only display, but preserve the items.

The History:.. As Red Deer was our home for many years we were quite familiar with The Framing Nook. For several years my wife Donna was doing very intricate needle work and we started using your shop to frame these pieces. Never once were we not “totally satisfied” with the level of workmanship and the great choices that were made when it came to the lay-out and design.

This being said, when I needed to have the drumhead done there was absolutely no question as to where it was going to be taken…..and as you know I now live 1300 km’s away.

As you will recall, I came to you with no idea of how these items should best be displayed, but from our prior experiences, as well as looking at some of the great work you have on your walls, I was confident that by leaving the items with you and giving you free reign to do what you thought best, I would not be disappointed.

I was super impressed by the level of investigation you did to not only capture the ‘RUSH’ connection, band colors, etc., but to also get the layout perfect.

The piece is displayed in my office, and as you can imagine it gets a lot of attention – even from non-musicians.

Absolutely no question of who I would recommend for this type of work to anybody who asks. (and many already have).



This sweater was worn by May Shaw while she was a curling at a national level.  She went to the Tournament of Hearts 4 times Representing British Columbia; twice on winning the Canadian Championship.

The Kimberly Curling Club is proud to display this framed sweater, in memory of May Shaw.


Don Hnidy says his girlfriend Cynthia Murphy loves Tigers!

In fact, so much she had one put on her back – as a tattoo!! Since she usually can’t see it ‘back there’, she had someone sketch a tiger as per …



Mike Garcelon says …

“His war-time secrets were with-held from all, but now I know what really happened! My Great-Grandfather …



Kyle LeBlanc says:

 I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the job you guys did on my McDavid jersey!

 For me this is no investment, I am a die hard hockey fan and this will never leave my possession no matter the value. I have to admit I was not happy with the amount it cost at first, now   that it’s up on my wall I am completely satisfied!  I’ll see you again in the future for my next frame and once my buddies see this you might see some of them as well!


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