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Visit us at The Red Deer Oil and Gas Expo!

Our latest work with some exciting new additions!

We have decided to show off some of the latest in framing trends with a brand new booth at the September show – NEXT WEEK!!

Framing Booth

Check out the latest Oil & Gas exhibits and some custom framing that will surely impress you.

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Hockey and other Jersey Memorabilia Framing!

What you should know about your hockey and sport memorabilia prior to getting it framed!

If your hockey jersey or other sport memorabilia is not framed properly – THEY COULD BECOME DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR! However, framed properly with great design, they can increase in value, and your investment doubles as you get to re-live the excitement of the sport each and every day – even in the off-season!

BEFORE YOU BRING YOUR JERSEY & COLLECTIBLES IN to a frame shop, there are a few things you should know, and a few pieces of advice may prevent you from damaging your items. At the very least, these hints will help you in the future.

1. We get asked all the time! While there are appraisals out there, because most signed memorabilia is not a commodity, their monetary value is entirely based on finding the right person and establishing how much they would be willing to spend. However, the true value would ultimately be how much excitement it brings to you while it is on YOUR WALL!

Want more info on what it is worth? – see bottom of article & we will send you free information with more details!

1. No matter how long you have had possession, now is the time to make sure they are packaged & stored well, even if you are transporting them soon.
2. Store your jersey in a sealed plastic container – preferably a black uv protected garment bag.
3. Don’t ever bunch it up in a ball (common guys!) – if you have to get it small, carefully fold it evenly all around. If it is folded for long – you may never get the wrinkles out! It is best to frame it as soon as possible.
4. Keep it as clean as possible – don’t handle with dirty or greasy hands.
5. Don’t wear the jersey – it WILL get stained! Seen it way too many times.

Jerseys come in all conditions, even if they are brand new. The logos & numbers are laid out by hand, and are never exactly straight or centered. We do our best to point these things out in the consultation process but they usually are not visible until during mounting

Want more info on jersey condition? – see bottom of article & we will send you free information with more details!

If you have stains on your (non-game worn) signed jersey we highly recommend spot cleaning the stain only. We don’t recommend washing the entire jersey.

Jerseys look best with other related memorabilia in the same frame. If you don’t have the right additions or would like some ideas, we can help you as we have access to many reputable authentic sport memorabilia dealers.

1. The experienced staff at The Framing Nook will assist you with making all the right choices in framing your memorabilia to both protect and display it nicely.
2. We use only quality materials that protect your jersey from discoloring, fading or worse. We pin your jersey so it is entirely reversible – no glue or cardboard any where near it!

Want more info on framing ideas? – see bottom of article & we will send you free information with more details!

Want some more detailed information? Fill out the form below and we will send you a lot more information on taking care and framing your jersey and other sport memorabilia – free of charge!

Framing a Wood Carving for the Grandchildren

A lot of work going in the Grand-children’s gifts!

Jim from Red Deer is an artist for sure! He spends a lot of time designing and carving each detail in the wood carvings he makes for his grandchildren. Having their name as a focal point with surrounding design that draws attention to it, he creates a gift that is cherished today and will certainly be in the future. What a great investment of time. Knowing how much a difference good framing makes, Jim brought the artwork in to The Framing Nook and together we meticulously chose framing components that accentuate the character of his artwork, without distractions. The top matting co-ordinates nicely with the main colour of the wood and brings out it’s warm character; the bottom matte reveal adds interest with a little contrast, drawing out the shadows and inevitably the depth of each depression in the art; and the frame is nicely offset from the carving with broad matte borders, itself being a high-quality exotic natural-wood product to maintain the ‘down to earth’ quality of the gift.

Jim says: “My Granddaughter loved the piece and shows it off whenever someone new comes to visit their place.”, giving us a 5-star google review with the comment: “Awesome and professional work. Great taste in how to exhibit? my art work. Pricey but worth it!”

I think it is awesome that people give gifts that are hand made – gifts that will last forever! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part in quality gifts for your family.


Barnwood Frames built by Custom Framer!

Recycled Lumber Takes a lot of Work to be Beautiful. 10 – steps in total!!!

Here are some images of all the work that goes into setting up some Lengths of Barnwood Material and corner samples that eventually go into a custom barnwood frame for your artwork or memorabilia.

First of all, we need to find a farmer willing to part with his material, and give us permission to go in and collect what we can use. The material needs to be fairly straight, solid, and without any rot or major staining. We mostly use the thicker 2×8 material from fence rails as this gives us three good edges on the final frame that don’t need any painting – that way you get all exposed edges of your frame showing real barnwood (no cut edges showing). It takes up a lot of material!
Third, all the nails need to be removed and we cut around all the bad spots, irreparable splits, holes etc.

Fourth, we need to cut the strips to size, often two per piece of lumber obtained.
Fifth, a rabbet has to be cut which can be done in either one or two steps. We make around 5 different profiles to accommodate different width moulding and the various heights.
Six, the lengths of moulding material need to be cleaned and brushed down and sprayed with a clear lacquer which prevents any further fading or staining, and limits flaking.

Seven, some of the pieces may need clamping and gluing of any splits or other repairs.
Eight, Sort the pieces according to colour (around 4-6 colours) and profiles.
Nine, make up corner samples to show the clients so they can see what looks best come time to design the framing package, price them out and also enter them into our POS.
Finally, Ten, Stack the samples according to sample number.


Needlework Framing!

What you should know about your needlework prior to getting it framed!

NEEDLEWORKS are one of the most amazing art-forms that have almost disappeared in our day. A little bit of the human heart is poured out in every stitch of a needlework, and because of this, you want them to look great and last a long time!

(Want detailed information? Fill out the form at the bottom and we will send you a lot more information on taking care and framing your needlework free of charge!) Here are some tips for starters:

BEFORE YOU BRING YOUR NEEDLEWORK IN to a frame shop, there are a few things you should know, and a few pieces of advice may prevent you from damaging it. At the very least, these hints will help you in the future.

Clean hands & surfaces are a great start when handling needleworks. There shouldn’t be any tape or pen marks on the fabric, and keep it away from anything that will damage it. No sprays – hems etc are advised. Store it flat & away from the elements.

If there is any loose or balled threads on the rear they should be cleaned up. Stains should be removed very carefully.

The experienced staff at The Framing Nook will assist you with making all the right choices in framing your art to both protect and display it nicely. It may need some pre-stretch treatment as well. Optically coated glass is recommended to limit reflections and offer the clearest viewing of each stitch. UV-filtering in the glass is a must to limit fading of this sensitive material. Acid free matting is used to keep the glass and moulding material safely away from the artwork and finally a moulding is selected to enclose the sealed package to protect and display the needlework.

Want some more detailed information? Fill out the form below and we will send you a lot more information on taking care and framing your needlework free of charge!

Fine Art custom printed for your wall!

100,000 prints in your size!!! 

We have access to print in artist quality, well over $100,000 prints, of any subject around. You can search for your favorite print then we can size it, print it, and frame it for you – no shipping charges, and no guessing as to what the framing will be like!
Check out our web page and start enjoying the amazing selection today http://framingnook.com/fine-art-prints/

All you have to do is:

Find your favorites Prints
Call us with the Print Title
We will print it to the size you need

Check it out now – Select from over 100,000 prints

Fine Art Prints




Gold Again!!!

Thanks to our amazing clients indeed!!!

We are sooo excited to have once again been awarded as The Best Picture Framing in Red Deer!!!! We received the Gold award from the Red Deer Express 2017 Readers Choice Awards voted by the people of Red Deer. Placed Gold 5 out of the last 7 yrs. The only way we can win this award is simple – having great clients in and around Red Deer who have great memories, stories, hobbies and artwork, that trust our high standards in custom framing and really allow us to do some amazing work for them. We have been in business for 26 years now in Red Deer and are delighted with the many diverse framing jobs we have done in the past. It is really a privilege to be able to look back and be thankful for the unique jobs our clients have entrusted to us.

Thank you to all of you, and keep on bringing us the challenges!

Now we are running out of room on our WALL of FAME!!



We’re Hiring!!!

We’re Hiring!!!

We are looking to hire an excellent full or part time, long-term person. We are looking for a bright, passionate individual who is very good with colour & design. No framing experience is necessary but we are excited to seek for someone who demonstrates excellence and passion in colour and design, working with small hand tools and computers. If interested please send us an email explaining why we should hire you for this position. mailto:brian@framingnook.com

Also, please pass this on to anyone you know may be interested as well.


 Happy Canada 150th Birthday!!!

A very special weekend is coming up – 150 years for Canada!!!

“What is the “Chant national”?  Do you know the history of Canada’s National Anthem?  Did you know it was first performed in February of 1880 but did not become Canada’s official anthem until 100 years later in July of 1980? Listen to the instrumentation below – (takes 5 seconds to load)

Did you know that the official music is not copyrighted, but is left in the public domain, but different versions of it may be copyrighted?  Do you know who wrote the words?  Most of us know the first verse no problem, but did you know there are 4 stanzas?  Do you know who composed the music?  If you wish to test your knowledge or learn more about it, click here.

History of our National Anthem here

More about our anthem here

Blowing The Framing Nook

The wind was a blowing hard here at the Framing Nook on Tuesday at 7:00 PM.

I (Brian) was just finishing off here  in my upstairs office I was startled to hear a major rumbling & whirling sound. It was like a freight-train was in our back yard. The entire building started to shake. I ran down stairs as fast as I could to try to reach for safety. As I passed by a window I glanced to see entire sheets of plywood & insulation batts fly by our building. I couldn’t see the buildings which were a few hundred feet away, all I could see was a dark cloud of dust. I darted to a safe place near an inner wall downstairs and lay on the concrete face down,; my eyes closed and a prayer reaching out. I was bracing for the worst. The building shook and I heard several bangs…it lasted a few minutes for sure. I thought for sure I was done as it sounded like the roof was ripped off. When it quieted down a bit I got up and looked out the back window to see a huge crumpled piece of roofing that tore off a neighbours building and landed into our building, damaging our exterior  wall, my truck window & completely destroying the huge overhead door. Was I ever thankful that we were spared & didn’t have any more damage – praise God!

No framing was damaged!

Here are some pics of our building as well as some neighbours etc



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