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ABC’s of Framing!

THE ABC’S OF FRAMING       The More You Know…


When you are at a frame shop, do you hear terms you aren’t familiar with? Does it sometimes feel like a foreign language? We’ll take you back to school – grab a pen & paper and let’s begin!

ABC's of picture Framing
Abc Framing

A is for ART –

The reason and foundation for framing

B is for BALANCE –

Various art & framing components working together


Making sure no materials are used to harm your art

D is for DESIGN –

It must be pleasing to the eye!

E is for ELATED! –

How you feel when you receive your completed project

F is for FRAME –

It holds it all together

G is for GLAZING –

Glass or acrylic protection from dust, bugs and harmful UV light

H is for HANGING –

Let us do it – we’re the professionals! 


What our designers can do for you!

J is for JOINING –

Attaching the cut moulding together to become a frame

K is for KEEPSAKE –

A special memento fit for framing

L is for LIGHTING –

You want to see the art, so illuminate it!

M is for MAT –

To keep the glazing off your art and make it look pretty!

Abc Framing

N is for NON-GLARE –

Glazing that has a reduced reflection for enhanced visibility

O is for OPEN! –

M-F 9-5:30

P is for PICK-UP –

You can come in to pickup your framed work or we also offer a delivery service!

Q is for QUALITY –

It’s what we build. We want your project to last forever – guaranteed!


Nothing is more important to us than building one with you

S is for SHADOWBOX –

A deep frame for 3D objects

T is for TAPE –

Special framer’s tape holds fine art in place without damage


Rays that can harm art. Use UV-filtering glazing for protection

V is for VIRTUAL –

You can browse what we have done for many others and get some really great ideas from our gallery collection online at framingnook.com

W is for WOOD –

What our frames are made from – NO PLASTICS here!


X is for XCellence–

We strive for it in all we do!

Y is for YELLOWING –

Discoloration that can happen when acidic materials touch your art

Z is for Z-BAR –

The best hangers to use when hanging heavy or large pieces


Now you know your ABCs!

How many terms did you know?
Most of them are familiar, but if you knew all 26 – you must be a framer!
If you knew 15, you’ve had several pieces framed OR you listen to us when we talk.
If you knew 5, we need to see you more often – Stop in today!


Dress Up Your Chalkboard
A chalkboard: The old school way of communicating. Still a great way to capture notes. Here is an elegantly framed chalkboard worthy of the classroom’s attention. Dress up your chalkboard with a custom frame!

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What we have been working on…

A father to remember!!


As much as Arlene and others will miss her father, she will certainly remember and take value from his qualities, and enjoy this tribute to him on her wall. We put together this job without the client coming into our store, working with her over the phone and via email to learn about him and what would go well in this memory piece. Being a true Canadian outdoorsman and creation-care-full person, we incorporated lots of nature in the photo, natural colours in the matting, weathered maple-leafs and some precious gold in the “Goodly Heritage” caption. Till you meet again, Arlene and family and friends!

Picture Frame Shop

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Frame Your Travels!

Remember your vacation every day!


Travel, souvenirs and memories – they go together like a hand in a glove. Some of the best memories are triggered by the souvenirs you bring back from vacation. They tell a story. By preserving those souvenirs with custom framing, you can have that memory forever. What’s your favorite travel story?

travel frame

Wedding Necklace from Africa

It was hard to choose from the many necklace styles that were handmade by the village women, but you liked this one the best. What a great conversation piece you created by having it framed.

Postcards & Photos from Hawaii

You know postcards are meant to be sent in the mail, but these images were frame-worthy! You made a great choice choosing a frame that looks native to the islands.

Hawaiian sunsets never disappoint, and it’s hard to take a bad photo of such rich colors. Neutral framing lets the bold view stand out.

National Park Poster from Yellowstone

Vacationing in USA’s first National Park was on your bucket list, and you finally made it! You couldn’t believe how much wildlife there was to see up close and personal, or how impressive Old Faithful truly was. Now you have the framed poster to remember the great time you had.

Etching from Italy

While strolling the avenues of Florence, you found a street artist who was selling etchings of the very view you were looking at – the Piazza Del Duomo. How could you resist? Now it hangs in your office to give you a mini vacation from work.

Papyrus Grass Art from Egypt

The papyrus plant is a tall, leafless aquatic plant that can grow up to 16’ high and is native to Egypt. The white pith inside is used to make the paper, which is used to paint on. It is an old-world craft, from an old country. But the paper is brittle and needs protection, so you were wise about getting it framed.

Redecorating Your Home Office?

This last year you’ve most likely spent more time in your home than you thought you ever would. You may have even rearranged some things around to create a home office or noticed that your home office needed a re-do. A little paint, a new rug and fresh art – that will work! Vacation photos and artifacts make the perfect addition to help take your mind off work occasionally.

Tip: If you are working with an Interior Designer, talk to them about incorporating travel souvenirs into a design plan.

Bringing Art Home from Vacation

While on vacation, you fell in love with a painting that had already been framed. The question is… do you ship it home that way? How much do you love the frame? Will the dealer or artist reduce the price if you don’t want the frame? How much would it cost to ship it home framed? 

If you decide to bring the painted canvas back unframed, ask the dealer or artist to remove it from the frame – DO NOT cut it off the frame! Take the staples out of the stretcher frame. Cover the painting with glassine and roll it up (not tightly) and put into a tube – plastic is best. That is the least expensive way, and then you can have it framed exactly the way you want it. 

If it is a piece of art on paper, and fairly small, cover both sides with glassine, and secure between 2 pieces of hardy cardboard. If it is small enough, you should be able to transport it in your luggage. If you cannot, shipping it will not be a financial burden. Once it is safely home, remove it from the cardboard and take it to your framer.

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COLOURFUL & FUN! Use colour to bring out a range of fun feelings!

Use colour to bring out a range of fun feelings!


A question we hear is, “Why is custom framing expensive?” The quick and easy answer is that it is ‘custom’ – it is being handmade specifically for your design and your needs. More importantly, it is because of the impeccable quality of workmanship we put into every project. Details matter in custom framing. Here are a few that deserve a closer look and how they can impact quality.

Red & Orange

Reds & Oranges are energetic colours. They are used to stimulate the body and mind, promote power, and increase appetite.  That’s why many dining rooms and gyms have one or more red or orange walls.

Painting by André Derain,
L’Estaque, 1906


It is believed that Yellow stimulates the nerves and purifies the body, lifting your spirits and reducing stress. Is it any wonder many kitchens are painted yellow?

Painting by Claude Monet,
Water Lilies, 1919

Blues and Greens

Blues & Greens are restful, stable colours with a stress management quality. They create a soothing feeling, encouraging calmness. Does it make you think of spas or medical offices?

Painting by Georgia O’Keefe,
Blue & Green Music, 1921

In this image there is an energetic orange flower. Adding its complementary colour blue brings out the best in each

How do you want your space to feel? Playful? Energetic?   Bold?

It’s fun to watch the yellow & orange flowers sway in the breeze, but the blue background makes this image so relaxing.

The red inner frame emphasizes the passion of this fun Las Vegas print.

White Mat or Black Mat?

  • White is the great neutralizer. Sometimes there can be so many colours and so much action in the art, that it is hard to choose one colour – this is where white works well.
  • Black creates negative space – so all you see is the art or image.
  • White is a contemporary / fresh, clean / uncluttered look.
  • Black is a sophisticated and elegant look.
  • White works well when you want to group a look (multiple pieces framed the same).

Colorful Mouldings

Sometimes it’s fun to use a colorful moulding –
here are some examples and we have lots more!

According to
Colour-Related Studies…


  • Warm-coloured (yellows, oranges) placebo pills are more effective than cool-coloured (blues, greens) placebo pills.
  • Blue-coloured streetlights can lead to reduced crime.
  • Red causes people to react with greater speed and force, something that might prove useful during athletic activities.
  • Black sports uniforms are more likely to receive penalties.
  • Paint your office Blue & Green: In 1999, researchers at Creighton University found that employees in blue offices felt the most centered, calm and hopeful towards their work. Since blue can lower heart rates and green can reduce anxiety and is associated with money, a combination of blue and green is best for the office.

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It’s all in the Details of Custom Picture Framing! Taking a close look.

It’s All in the Details!

Take a closer look then compare our custom framing!


A question we hear is, “Why is custom framing expensive?” The quick and easy answer is that it is ‘custom’ – it is being handmade specifically for your design and your needs. More importantly, it is because of the impeccable quality of workmanship we put into every project. Details matter in custom framing. Here are a few that deserve a closer look and how they can impact quality.

What to look for:

…check out the details…

Example #1: Matboard Issues

  • Notice the over-cut mat corners? This happens when the blade cutting the mat extends further than it should.

The darkened beveled edges are due to the acid in the mat– this can ‘burn’ into your art and damage it. Ask for ‘acid-free’ mats to avoid this.

Example #2: Frame Issues

  • Notice the ragged edges on the corner of the frame? This happens when the blade on the saw that is cutting the moulding isn’t sharp enough, tearing at the wood instead of slicing through it.
  • Some frame corners have large gaps due to uneven cuts or warped moulding. We like to keep our corners clean and even!

Example #3: Fitting Issues

  • Notice the warped mats? This happens when the mat is cut too large for the frame – squeezing it in the package. It also can happen if moisture creeps into the frame package.
  • Turn it over – is there backing paper? This will help keep moisture and dust out, but also bugs that can eat your art.

Example #4: Glass Issues

  • Notice the faded art? This happens because the glass used to protect the art isn’t UV-filtering – offering no protection from UV rays. Insist on UV-filtering glass for your next project.
  • Is glare blocking your view of the art? Ask for options that minimize or eliminate glare.

Check out our difference!



Visit our In-store Gallery!

Workmanship Guarantee
We offer a workmanship guarantee. Ask us for details.


Conservation / Preservation
Grade Materials
Because we want your art or heirlooms to survive for a lifetime without change of color, damage from glues, or out- gassing from materials that are not acid-free, we use the very best materials for your projects.


Quality & Design
Quality is not as noticeable at first as design, but it’s just as important! We use Acid-free and 100% cotton rag mats and UV-filtering glass. Many of our frames are hand-finished solid wood. The Design is usually what everyone notices first. Our designers work with you to develop the best design for your piece.

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SO PROUD – Celebrate Accomplishments with Custom Framing

Celebrate Accomplishments with Custom Framing

There are few things more important than recognizing a person’s accomplishments. As a child, it can set them on a path of confidence and self-esteem leading to success. For an adult, it is a grand ‘pat on the back’, and who doesn’t need or want that? For a Solider or Veteran, it is recognition of what they sacrificed. And last but not least, for our essential personnel – healthcare workers, fire, rescue, and policing, teachers, the staff at grocery stores, caregivers, pastors – there are so many individuals that could use a show of gratitude.

Here are some examples of how you can show them you care.


“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Graduation – A lot of hard work!

What an accomplishment! He’s going places!

Career milestones to celebrate!

An informal memory collection of High School!


“A little progress each day adds up to big results.” – Satya Nani

Photos, badges, medals and pretty much anything related to the accomplishment can go into the memory box for a lifetime of enjoyment!

Sports and competitions to remember!

Can you imagine all these medals being tucked away in a drawer?

On the wall to show your friends and family!


of noble military and community service, honor and sacrifice.



Who do you want to celebrate?



Team Member Extraordinaire

Meet Eric! He is our latest edition to our team, been here for over a year now and is a real asset to us and you our clients. You won’t find a nicer guy, he learns well, and really applies to helping you celebrate those memories!

Museum Glass

Is there anything worse than getting something framed and not being able to see it? That won’t happen with Museum glass. Not only does it have 99% UV protection (keeps your art & objects from fading), but has exceptional clarity, so that you can really SEE what is behind your glass!


What is a CPF? It stands for Certified Picture Framer, an industry designation for framing knowledge and skill. It means that the framer is not only experienced, but must keep up with current methods and materials in the industry. The certification must be renewed annually to keep the designation. When a CPF builds your project, it is in the best hands. Currently, Eric is in the process of acquiring his CPF.

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MAKE IT SPECIAL Add A Creative Touch To Your Framing Project


Add A Creative Touch To Your Framing Project


What is a specialty mat cut? Most mat openings are cut in a typical rectangle shape. Specialty mat cuts are unusual shapes or designs cut into the mat instead of the usual right angles. A carefully chosen specialty mat cut can creatively enhance the art. There are so many shapes from which to choose, how do you know which one is the right one? As with most framing designs, there is no one right answer.  We took the same art and added different mat cuts. Which one do you like best?







Persian  It has a soft formal look.





Grecian Notch   It has a geometric formal look.





Nouveau  It has a bold, timeless look.





Octangle   It has a feminine, vintage look.





Angle Array  It mimics the frills in the dress.





Camelback Flair  Its flowing lines match the dress.



There are no bad options!

It just depends on what you are trying to emphasize.


…hide unwanted items in the image.                                               …add softness and warmth to an image.

… reflect a period of time.                                               …mimic the feel of the image.


Yes! We can create Custom mat cuts for you based on your framing design needs.

This customer wanted an extra touch to show the Sister’s devotion. A mat cut was designed to resemble a cross.

This custom cut was designed to emphasize and flow with the flames on the jacket.

What kind of specialty cut would add a creative spark to your art? We can do it!


Color Tip:

As you can see, a lot of specialty mat cuts require two mats, but you can play with the color for different effects. Use two layers of the same color for a subtle look. Or, make one layer much brighter than the other to highlight something in the art. There is no limit to how many mats can be used!

Design Preview

We know how hard it can be to make a decision from just a corner sample. We can do a design of the matting & show it to you before we cut it!

We Print Art

No matter what size you need, we can print it for you. Just bring or email your digital file to us, and we will print your image in any size on paper, canvas, or – the best high gloss acrylic aluminum.

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Small Pieces for Small Places?

Small Pieces for Small Places

No room or area is too small for artwork!

Can you name all the small empty spaces in your home?

Probably not, because there are more than you think. Take look around your home – do you see them now? How many of those small spots could use a touch of art?

  • The small wall space by the door
  • Open shelving in your office
  • On a tabletop
  • Above the cabinets in your kitchen
  • A windowsill
  • …the list goes on and on!

You’ve found an empty spot that needs art, you’ve got the perfect small piece for that space, and now you need to frame it. Here’s a few ideas.

How about that small piece of art you picked up on vacation?

It works well in your powder room. It is simply framed, but the contrast between the art and the mat makes your eye go right to the image, creating a noticeable piece.



These small antique images are the kinds of photos you see sitting on a piano, shelving, table or desktop.

The framing doesn’t need to be much larger than the photo already is, so forget the mat – just add a wide frame around it so it doesn’t get lost with all the others photos on the piano.



This cross-stitch says it all, and it’s perfect for your dressing table.

The cross stitch itself measures 4” x 4”, but by framing it with the same silver color used on the outside of the cross stitch, it ‘extends’ the size. Using a matching purple fillet makes it stunning.



How To Frame Small Pieces

The key is to not introduce multiple elements, such as color, size or frills. Because this pocket watch is so small, it could have easily been over-powered. The frame is proportionate to the watch. Only one color of matting was used so that the watch didn’t get visually ‘lost’.


How Small Is Too Small To Frame?

This tin-type photograph only measures 2” x 3”, but the framing takes your eye in, making the image noticeable. We added a small frame (fillet) around it and kept to one solid color of matting.

Shape Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Paint Colors that Make a Room Feel Larger

Go Bold, Go Dark: Dark colors can actually make a space feel larger since they draw in your attention.

Make it Dynamic: Choose colors that change with lighting, such as Mint or Sage Green or a Pearl Gray

Classic Whites: White reflects the light and makes the walls recede, which makes a small space feel large and airy.

Nothing is too small to frame!

Let us show you how a small piece can become a noticeable piece.

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What is Your Style Identity?

What’s Your Style Identity?

Your design preferences make up your own personal style!

We all have a style identity when it comes to interior design. You know what you like, but you might not know the name or the specific characteristics of that style. Have fun answering a few questions to find out what your style is.

  • Does your house look like an English garden or a beach house?
  • Do you love the casual look as opposed to straight lines?
  • Do you enjoy natural light to indoor lighting?
  • Would you rather be outdoors or at the beach instead of stuck inside?

The Your Style is: Shabby Chic / Coastal

Characteristics: Casual furniture in natural materials such as wicker and rattan and worn looking white-washed woods. Stripes and florals dominate fabric patterns.

Color Palette: Layered blues, crisp whites, rosy reds and greens.



  • Does city-living appeal to you?
  • Do you like the linear look of urban architecture?
  • Do you have suspended lamps with Edison bulbs in your home?
  • Do you like bare building materials in old factories and lofts?

Then Your Style is: Industrial

Characteristics: Spacious, simple design that includes wood and metal elements. Exposed pipes, ducts and brick walls are often seen. High ceilings are common.

Color Palette: Neutral palette – gray, brown, grayish-white, tan.



  • Do you read about art and know furniture designers’ names?
  • Are you a fan of low sleek furniture with style and comfort?
  • Did you have a serious addiction to Mad Men?
  • Would you describe yourself as simple and uncomplicated?

Then Your Style is: Mid-Century Modern

Characteristics: Clean, often curved lines mixed with simple geometric shapes. There usually is a variety of materials (woods, metals, plastics) used in this design.

Color Palette: Background earthy neutrals (browns & grays) paired with bright, bold colors such as oranges, chartreuse, pink and blues.


  • Do you prefer simple design with clean lines and geometric patterns?
  • Do you believe ‘less is more’?
  • Would you describe yourself as organized, methodical and efficient?
  • Is your home free of clutter?

Then Your Style is: Minimalism

Characteristics: This is a bare essential look. Simple, uncluttered, clean lines in an open floor plan. Functional furniture with flat, smooth surfaces and strong lines.

Color Palette: Monochromatic – variations of 1 color like whites, beiges & greys.



  • Do you appreciate history and tradition?
  • Does your home have a “timeless” look?
  • Are you a planner who rarely acts on impulse?
  • Do you prefer stately color palettes and elegant furnishings?

Your Style is: Traditional

Characteristics: Curved, heavy, dark wood furniture is the norm, paired with stuffed patterned fabrics, hardwood floors, and classical art.

Color Palette: Deep, rich jewel-tone hues in reds, blues and greens.



  • Are you trendy, yet classic and chic?
  • Do you love to shop at the Flea market for well-loved décor items?
  • Have more seating than you need because you love to entertain?
  • Is your home known for its warmth and simplicity?

Then Your Style is: Modern Farmhouse

Characteristics: A comfortable mix of old and new with heirloom hand-me-downs. Texture abounds with organic and natural materials.

Color Palette: Dominated by natural colors such as soft whites, stormy grays, greiges, browns with accents of purple and blues.



  • Is The Great Gatsby your favorite book or movie?
  • Do you love rich metallics and sumptuous fabrics?
  • Is your home filled with stylized geometric patterns?
  • Do your friends describe you as glamorous?

Then Your Style is: Art Deco / Hollywood Glam

Characteristics: Bold and opulent, yet elegant and functional. Angular, geometric forms are common, and fabrics have exotic patterns or high-shine finishes. Deeply colored polished wood, often with a lacquer finish, is frequently paired with metallic accents.

Color Palette: Accents of deep yellows, reds, greens, blues and pinks, offset by softer colors of creams and beiges.



Frames shown are an example of what may be available.

Still not sure what kind of frame you want?

Let us help!

Our designers know how to match your art to the perfect frame for your style.

Want more fun? Take this

Style Identity Quiz!


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Color Trends for 2021

Illuminating Yellow & Ultimate Gray are Colors of the Year! Everyone is looking for changes this year! It certainly has been a challenging time for everyone. We don’t know what this new year will bring, but many are ready for a change. With all the pressing uncertainty and unanswered questions, why should we concern ourselves with color right now? Because color reflects our mood. By changing the color around us, we can change our mood. We need comfort and hope. We need the soft, solid colors of familiarity – the caring, ‘we are all in this together,’ dependable color. We also need the happy colors of optimism that hint better things to come in the year ahead.

In-Home Color & Art Consultations

It can be overwhelming to put a color scheme together. We can help! Our design experts will help you pick out colors that match your space and style. Email, Call or Come in to find out how we can help you. Our staff is taking extra precautions to ensure we all stay safe. We sanitize our hands before entering your home, wear masks in your home, and maintain a 6’ distance. We will utilize technology as much as possible. Many companies make color predictions but this year their forecasts all have one thing in common: solid, soft neutrals paired with bold accents. The palettes are filled with comfort colors to promote a sense of calm and wellness.

Pantone’s Illuminating Yellow & Ultimate Gray

Pantone©, an industry leader in color forecasting, has predicted that Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray will dominate color trends in 2021. You could call the pair ‘Happy & Dependable’. One color plays off the other to create synergy, union, and balance between practicality and positivity…just what we all need for 2021!

Sherwin-Williams© Urbane Bronze Messenger Bag Modern Gray Benjamin Moore© Aegean Teal Foggy Morning Gray Cashmere


A huge Thank You to our first responders, teachers, health care staff and countless others for being there for us. And Thank You, our wonderful customers, for supporting small businesses.

Using the Color Trends

What’s Trending

Look for Bold Color, Good Quality & Comfortable Minimalism

Deep, Bold Color has a stabilizing and comforting feel. A rich color can feel like a warm hug and have a feeling of elegance and sophistication. Look for the colors in paint, window and floor treatments and cabinet coloring. We can show you how to use these new colorings with matting and framing. Craftsmanship, Comfort & Durability is key for 2021. Look for furniture, fabrics, and accessories that will last, that are made with sustainable products, and that can be passed down through the generations. We have always prided ourselves on the quality of our frame mouldings so you can enjoy your framing for a lifetime.   Soft Minimalist Design is here to stay. Organize your home with intentional, clutter-free spaces that make you feel calm. It’s about having less things, but the right things. More relaxed, casual, comfortable minimalism allows for an escape, with a feel of innocence and whimsy. You will see colors and patterns that make you smile. Now’s the time to frame a playful piece that will make you happy every time you look at it. We’ve all spent much more time in our homes recently – plenty of time to notice how our rooms need new color! How can we use these color trends to update our homes?  

Recent Projects:

C:\\Users\\admin\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\Content.Word\\Framed memories for a local hot rod and restoration mechanic - great gift from the wife!!!!.jpg

Brian @ work Lots of Fun

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