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Hide What is on Your Wall!


Hide It With A Frame!

Disguise Your TV or Wall Safe with a Custom Frame

You’ve spent lots of time and money to design your room just right, but something’s off…it’s not the furniture, or the color scheme…it’s your TV! Your flatscreen has become the dominant focal point of the room; when it’s powered off, it looks like a big black box. Thanks to advancing technology, televisions are much more stylish than they used to be, but visually they are still just a black box. We have clever framing options so you can hide your large TV!

Two Ideas for Disguising Your TV:


Lighting your artwork is very important, no matter what it is illuminating. If you have covered your TV or safe completely, light the framed art so you can appreciate it.

Install a dimmer switch for ambiance.

Hide the TV Completely

Use framed artwork to hide your recessed TV. The art should be large enough to fully cover the TV’s dimensions (we’ll help with measurements). After we frame the art, we can hinge it to the wall to open when the TV is in use. Voila – Hidden!

Disguise the TV as Framed Art

Frame the TV itself! With a frame around the screen, the TV becomes a work of art.

If you have a ‘smart’ TV, you can program it to scroll through your digital photo collection, allowing it to look like art and bring a smile every time you notice it.

Hide Your Safe in Plain Sight

Safes should be hidden because of the valuable items inside. You certainly don’t want to advertise that you have a safe. Hide it in plain sight. We can build a frame that hinges away from the wall to conceal your treasures.

Interior Designers

Are you working with an Interior Designer to complete the look of your home? Have them come visit us – we can implement their ideas.


On-Site Consultations

Call us in for a visit. We’ll make sure measurements are correct and we’ll take care of the installation! We realize these projects are more than just hanging a picture on a wall. We want it to be right.

More Clever Ways to Hide Things with Framing!

  • Hide your keys or money:
    We can build a frame that is easy to open and easy to hide small valuables.
  • Show the record cover, but hide the record:
    Frame your favorite album or CD cover, and in another attached frame show the record/disc. Best of both worlds!
  • Hide a Door? Yes – you can hide a door!
    We can frame a large piece of art and secure it to the door so it doesn’t shift every time it is opened.

If you want it hidden, we can build a frame for it.

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Framing Posters!


Budget-Friendly Options for Making Posters Priceless

Poster Framing is just like framing any other piece of art, right? Not necessarily. Posters are mass-printed reproductions of photographs, artwork, or advertisements. You’ve seen them plastered on dorm room walls and movie theater halls. Because they are low-cost compared to original artwork, there are a few things to keep in mind when framing them. Your framing will ultimately depend on how you plan to use the poster – you still want it to look good!

How is framing a poster different from framing other art?

Posters are typically printed on inexpensive, light-weight paper. This paper can appear wavy or wrinkly if framed improperly. Unlike original or limited-edition art, posters should be adhered to a backing board using a dry mount machine so that they appear smooth. No more wrinkly posters! It isn’t necessary to use spacers to keep glass off of the art, and you don’t need to use the highest-quality frame moulding to achieve the look you want.

Poster Special

August 2020 ONLY

We have a special framing package and pricing for your poster. Come in and ask us about it!

24” x 30”

Starting at

$149 (Plaquemount)

Black Frame, Drymount & Regular Glass


Why Do People Frame Posters?


Yes, you can frame on a budget! We offer budget-friendly poster framing options that don’t look cheap. When you are framing a poster for your kid’s room or for a gift, you may not want to invest as much into framing it as an original piece of art. An inexpensive poster may not need a 24K gilded frame or archival quality mounting. Sometimes you just need simple and affordable. We have frames that would work well on your poster and fit into your budget.


In a room with a poster collection, it is easy and affordable to frame numerous posters similarly. This unites the collection and increases its aesthetic value. This is especially popular with travel, movie, and concert posters.

Temporary Displays

Posters are frequently used in semi-temporary displays. In real estate offices, hospitals, waiting rooms, and classrooms, it is not unusual to change art on a regular basis.


You love Van Gogh, but the odds of you owning an original Dutch Master are pretty slim. Poster reproductions are the perfect way to bring famous, beloved art into your home. You want it to be designed as if it were an original piece of art to be worthy of a lifetime of compliments. Just because something was originally a poster doesn’t mean that it can’t look like a million bucks after a good framing job. Our designers are eager to help design that special piece.

One Frame for MANY POSTERS??

If you want to

Change Posters Without Changing The Frame

You need one of our

Magnetic Quick-Change Poster Frames!

Easy to change posters or signage: simply lift off the frame and change the poster.

Come and see our in-store sample on the wall!

Too Good To Be True?

When a big box frame shop advertises “50% + 20% off”, it looks like a great deal, but is it really? What is the original price? Does 50% + 20% = 70% off? Let’s say the project is $500.00. If it were 70% off, it would equal $150.00. If it is 50% + 20% off, it would equal $200.00. Compare our prices!


Acrylic Glazing

If your poster will be hanging in a high traffic area (waiting rooms), a danger zone (kid’s room) or moving a lot (dorm room, apartment), acrylic glazing may be a better choice than glass. Acrylic resists breaking and is light in weight.

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Explain this Frame, Please!


There is no such thing as ONE perfect frame design…

Do you think there is only ONE perfect frame for a piece of art? The answer is NO! There can be many ‘perfect’ frames for a piece of art. That’s probably why it seems so challenging to narrow down the options. What’s important is choosing the right frame for YOU. Let’s break it down and show you how different frames can work with the same piece of art and why.


About the Art:

Blooming Blossoms is a highly stylized photo of red poppy flowers blooming in a blurred grass field. This piece is a soft, neutrally toned art with a bright focal point. It would complement any area that calls for serenity. When choosing a frame be careful not to overpower the focal point.

About the Frames:

  1. White (upper left): It’s hard not to notice the red flowers in the center, but by using a frame that extends the background, it highlights the flowers even more. Choosing a frame that has a flowing rounded design mimics the soft curves and lends a feminine touch.
  2. White & Red (upper right): Adding a hint of red is going to draw the eye to the red poppies, and emphasize that the flowers are the focal point. Paired with a clean white frame that extends the background, it gives the piece a subtle simplicity with pop.
  3. Blue & White (lower left): When you first looked at this piece, did you notice the soft grey-blues in the background? Now you do. It draws out other colors without taking away from the focal point.
  4. Silver & Gold (lower right): Many people shy away from ornate frames because they might make the art feel too fancy or strict. In this case, the warm gold/silver color combo and the soft, curved carving flows with the art and gives it formality without stuffiness.


Alphonse Mucha, 1897

About the Art:

Bieres de le Meuse (‘Beer of the Meuse’) was a French advertisement typical of the Art Nouveau period. Art Nouveau is known for its elaborate use of color, flourishes, and graphic design style. It can pair well with ornate frames or frames with clean, elegant lines.

About the Frames:

  1. Gold (upper left): There are many gold tones in this piece, so you can’t go wrong with surrounding it in more of the same color. The frame’s soft, curvy design flows seamlessly with the art, which turns an ornate frame style into something whimsical.
  2. Black (upper right): A black frame is like black clothing – it goes with everything – but you have to be careful. For this piece, choose a smaller frame profile with a touch of gold. Adding a mat allows your eye to easily rest on the art without the black frame dominating. This has a traditional and universal feel so it will match any decor.
  3. Espresso (lower left): There is so much going on with this art; a wide, soft dark brown frame helps calm it down. Notice the detail carved into the outer edge of the frame? That helps tie the design in the art to the frame. This is a transitional look that works well in an eclectic space.
  4. Copper (lower right): This frame has a coppery-gold finish but is carved in an Art Nouveau pattern. It speaks directly to the period in which the art was created. Matting creates a buffer between the art and the frame allowing each one to shine.


A close up of a person Description automatically generated

Artist Profile: Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha (pronounced ‘moo-ka’), was born in what is now the Czech Republic on July 24, 1860 and died there on July 14, 1939. He moved to Paris in 1887. Mucha painted in a style called Art Nouveau (French for ‘New Art’). Many of Mucha’s works reflect the flavor of modern life in the latter part of 19th century Paris and the blossoming use of print advertising. Many of Mucha’s advertising pieces featured a single figure or a woman against a halo-like disk, arranged harmoniously with flowers and other decorative motifs. The idea was to draw potential consumers’ attention to a feminine beauty and then send an alluring message about the product being represented. Mucha not only painted, but he designed jewelry, carpets, wallpaper and theatre sets.


What do these frames have in common?

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Framing for Fun & Games during COVID19

Fun & Games

Capture Fun Memories by Framing A Board Game!

We hope that you and your loved ones remained healthy during the Covid-19 Pandemic. For some of you, the stay-at-home order was extra time to spend with your spouse and/or children. What did you do to keep yourself and everybody entertained? Did you put a puzzle together as a family project? Did you play board games or card games? Were you able to throw a frisbee around in the yard? Activities like these always create great family memories.

Did you know that you can frame puzzles and games? Board games, puzzles, cards, and game pieces lend themselves very well to a framed display, especially considering most of them have eye-catching design and a flat profile. What a great way to remember a happy memory in the midst of troubled times.


You did it! You finally finished that 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle you’ve been meaning to do for years. Such an effort needs to be rewarded. Frame it! (So that you won’t need to put it together again…)

Take an ordinary game…

…and create a Memory!


Don’t let anyone forget that you won the epic 4-day Monopoly game by owning Indiana Ave! You can even include game pieces, cards, and money.

Did You Know?

  • In Monopoly, Jake the Jailbird is the guy behind bars and Officer Edgar Mallory sent him there.
  • Chutes & Ladders, a game about Karma, was invented in India in the 2nd century. It was originally called Snakes & Ladders. The phrase “back to square one” originated in the game.
  • The game of Clue was invented in 1947. Mr. Green was originally a reverend, but Parker Brothers objected to a reverend being suspected of murder, so he was changed to a businessman.
  • The Game of Life was the first and only board game invented by Milton Bradley in 1860, although he singlehandedly launched the board game industry. Because using dice was associated with gambling, a 6-sided top was used instead.

Elsie & Her Family



Look what you found while you were cleaning closets! An old game you used to play with your siblings. It’s a little worn now to be played, so bring the fun back by framing it. Copy the rules and put it on the back or in a pocket on the back.


Sometimes framing a board game or puzzle can get large. Because of the size, it also can get heavy if you use glass to protect it. Consider using acrylic instead. It is lightweight and non-breakable under most circumstances. Be sure to use the UV protecting acrylic so the puzzle or game board won’t fade.

A Scrabble Game to Remember

We framed a real scrabble game set as played celebrating a wedding anniversary for a very fine couple! Lots of fun knick-knacks & romance went into this one.

It was a multi-layered look that is on the wall to celebrate the occasion!

‘Social Distancing’ Games

Lucky you – it was warm enough to get outside and throw the Frisbee around. You had some fun and stayed six feet away from your friends! Capture the memory: get out a permanent marker, write something on the frisbee to commemorate the time, have everyone sign it, and don’t forget to date it.

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Are the Walls Closing In? – Framing during COVID19


Framing in the Time of Coronavirus

A pandemic has upended our entire country. You obeyed the rules, you stayed at home for weeks now, and you’re all caught up on TV. What to do now? Does it feel like your walls are about to close in on you? Here are a few ways to keep your creative juices flowing and prepare your framing projects for Life After Covid-19 (without actually leaving the house).


Have you been staring at an empty wall this quarantine? If you can’t figure out what would bring that space to life, not a problem. We can help you out. Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Take a picture of your ‘problem’ wall.

Step 2: Tell us what your idea is for that space.

Step 3: Email it to us at (insert your email address here)

Step 4: We’ll correspond virtually to propose a solution. Problem Solved!


Maybe you spent your time at home cleaning and reorganizing your closets. How many shoeboxes of old photos did you find? Cherished keepsakes? Maybe an old memento that belonged to Grandma? Instead of hiding those heirlooms in the closet again, plan a beautiful display! Follow these steps to create a memorable project.

Step 1: Based on what you found, select a theme – such as Grandma’s Scarf.

Step 2: Gather all items that relate to your theme – photos, mementos, letters, textiles – anything that’s ‘scrapbook-worthy.’

Step 3: Bring your items to us once we are open again. We will help you arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing manner. (change according to quarantine status)

Step 4: We’ll work our framing magic and present you with a completed framed project, so you can cherish your memories for a lifetime!

“Good times are a reminder and a reward for dealing with the difficult and challenging times we all go through. Always remember, good times await you after the difficult times pass….”

– James A. Murphy –


In an upcoming newsletter we will feature framing puzzles and games. Puzzles and board games of all kinds can be framed and displayed! If you were one of the lucky ones to buy a puzzle during the great pandemic jigsaw puzzle shortage, save it as a memory of how you spent your Covid-19 quarantine. Stay tuned for more information how!


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The Picture Frame – Which Size is Best?

A Special Time!
We are living during a most unique times in our lives, probably in this entire century, across the entire world!
Please practice safe-distance, good hygiene, but also genuine care for each other. During these times of uncertainty we want trust in the un-moveable, the dependable, and certainly the trustworthy. It is a time where gestures of empathy from our hearts will make lasting impressions on those around us. If you are particularly down because of the current situation, please reach out to someone…we are here to hear!
In the meantime, we feel this is a good opportunity to give some ideas for your home decorating, since you are probably spending more time looking at your walls than usual.
Stay safe & healthy, but most of all, be upright & content! Brian & Janice

Which Size?

How to Choose the Right Size of Artwork

When you frame artwork, you want to make sure the art is the right size for your space. You don’t want your artwork to overwhelm the room, but you also don’t want it to be so tiny it gets lost. Follow our guide to choose the best sizing for your room.

What Size is the Right Size? First Consider…

• In which room will it be hanging?

• Is this a focal piece? Do you want guests to notice it as they enter the room?

• Is it above a sofa or dining table?

• What other items are in that area?

• Will there be lighting, plants, etc., overlapping the art?

• Which size is more important for your art – height or width?

• Are you planning on one piece or a collection?

Measure & Calculate

Calculating the ideal size for framed art can be tricky. Use our worksheet to get the exact sizes picture-perfect!

Plan your framed art to cover When the COVID-19 is over a little over ½, but not more than ¾, of your available wall space. Remember that framing adds size to your artwork!

Step #1 – Measure the open area or blank wall space.

Step #2 – Calculate the width & height needed for art. This is the ideal sizing for your framed art.

If you are using the worksheet and your art will be hung unframed, subtract approximately 4”- 6” from each side of your dimension.

In the Dining Room

Because you’ll be sitting down, hang pictures a little lower than you would normally. That way you will still be at eye-level with your artwork.

In the Bed Room

Your framed art can exceed your furniture (bed) size because there is usually a night stand or dresser on either side of the bed, extending the space.

In the Living Room

Just because you have the space doesn’t mean you have to use all of it. Your framed art should not exceed 75% of the furniture size.

We Print Art!

No matter what size you need, we can print it for you.

When the COVID-19 is over – Installation!

We’d love to install your art. Just ask us! We know the correct hardware and tips & tricks. Save yourself the time and headache.

When the COVID-19 is over – Invite Us In!

We’ll do the measuring and calculations for you. We can come to your home or office, measure, and advise about art choices.

Planning a Collection?

Allow 2”- 6” in-between each piece. The larger the art, the more space you can allow between each piece. If the room already has many items, consider adding one larger piece so the space doesn’t look too busy.

Need a Different View?

Make a paper cut out of the biggest size in the range and hang this placeholder on your wall for a couple days. You can always cut it down to view a smaller size. What do you think?

What About Height off the Floor?

A basic rule of thumb is that the center of the art should be 60” (give or take a couple of inches) from the floor. But there are some things to consider –

  • If the art is hanging above a sofa or headboard, allow 6”-12” between the top of the furniture to the bottom of the art.
  • If the art is hanging above a mantle or foyer table, there doesn’t need to be any clearance; it can be a much more subjective choice.
  • If the art is hanging in a dining room or other sitting area, it can hang lower since people are usually viewing it from lower down!

You’re All Set!

You can confidently go to a gallery or frame shop knowing what size range of art would be best. Even if you are only thinking about one specific wall area, take different wall sizes with you – if you fall in love with a piece of art, you won’t want to limit yourself if it doesn’t fit in that one specific area. And remember – if it’s unframed, add approximately 4”- 6” to each side to account for framing.



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The Picture Frame – Interview with a Frame!

Interviewer: Thank you for joining me today, Barrington. I don’t think many people understand how a piece of wood becomes a beautiful frame.

Barrington: My pleasure. I’d love to share my journey from wood to wall adornment. What are your questions?

Q. First, let me ask – What type of wood are you?

A. I’m Cherry wood. My rich look, fine grain, and red coloring make a prized frame.

Q. At what point did you realize you were going to be a frame, instead of, say, firewood?

A. When did I know I was going to be a thing of beauty? Have you seen me in the Spring? I’ve always heard comments about how beautiful my grain was, so I knew I was destined for a bright future.

Q. Are you the best wood for a picture frame?

A. I think I am! There are many woods that make good frames. Straight, fast-growing trees are best, regardless of species. Cherry is quite popular.

Q. What are some woods used for making frames?

A. There are many woods perfect for making a good frame, so it depends on what kind of wood is needed. Some of the most common woods used are Pine, Ayous, Bass, Balsa, Spruce, Ramin, Poplar and Jelutong.

Q. You didn’t mention oak, walnut or maple?

A. These are hardwoods. Difficult to mill, but they make beautiful frames due to their gorgeous grain patterns. Oak is used for certain frames, but it is a heavy wood, and weight can be a disadvantage for a frame. Often softwood frames are given a finish that resembles hardwood colorings and grains.

Q. Is wood the best material for a frame?

A. Well, you’re asking me, so YES! But here’s why I say that: Wood is a natural product with a warm feel and look that when properly taken care of, can last forever. If it breaks, it can be fixed rather easily.

Q. How does raw wood become a frame moulding?

A. Raw wood stock is turned into a frame profile in a process called milling, utilizing special saws and routers to form the basic shape. The frame can then be carved, gessoed, gilded, veneered, or stained. For example, I was milled to have a flat profile and stained with a rich colorful finish. My beauty lies in my simplicity, but other wood frames can be quite ornate.

Q. What does a Framer do with the frame moulding?

A. Picture framers usually order pre-finished wood moulding in length. The moulding is cut down to size and its corners joined together with glue and pins to make the full frame. Artwork is put into the frame along with matting, glazing, and backing.

Q. Why are real wood frames more expensive?

A. Wood is a natural product, and you are ordering a custom length of a specially finished material. It depends on the finish of the moulding and its profile – is it water-gilded? Oil gilded? Stained or painted? Carved? Crafting hand-finished frames can be labor-intensive, as it is a custom-built item. Building a frame and assembling its various components involves a lot of hard work by hand. I am the finest quality frame you will find, and my framer worked hard to make me look my best.

Q. What is your goal in life?

A. I have two goals – to protect the art or memorabilia that I will frame, and to enhance the room I am hung in. That’s what us Frames do!

Interviewer: Thank you so much for taking me on your journey. I hope it makes it easier for customers to choose the right frame for their art and mementos.

Hard Woods for Frames

Soft and easily milled woods are usually used for making ornate frames. Hardwoods, like the Barrington Cherry featured above, usually have an attractive grain pattern that is the primary focus of the frame. Examples include maple, oak, hickory, walnut, ash and, of course, cherry.

What is Burl?

A Burl is an abnormal growth in certain trees. It is filled with small knots from dormant buds, creating a beautifully unusual grain, but too unstable and too small for lengths needed for moulding. It is sliced into very thin layers and used for veneering on furniture items including picture frames.


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Old Love Letters – how precious – ready for framing!!!


Make Handwritten Memories Last!

In this fast-moving technical world, is there anything more valuable than a handwritten note? Writing letters is a lost art – emails and texts are easier but far less personal. There is something romantic and beautiful about old-fashioned penmanship, vintage postcards, and the stories they tell. Whether it’s a love letter from your significant other, a scribbled note a friend left on your desk, or a postcard from around the world, framing can help you make those memories last.

Museum Glass

If you’ve used Museum glass, you know how wonderful it is. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to try it! Museum glass will provide amazing clarity while protecting these valuable mementos from UV rays and fading.

Should I Frame My Vintage Letters Online?

‘Mail-it-in’ online framing services are tempting, but do you really want to snail-mail your cherished item and hope it arrives in the same condition as when it left you? Bring your valuable piece to us – we can help you find the best framing design and we’ll keep it under our watchful eye the whole time.

With us, you support the community, get guaranteed results, and save on postage!

100% Cotton Rag Mats

For the ultimate in protection use ‘Rag’ or 100% cotton mats. Cotton is as pure as it gets, so that your great grandchildren can read these letters. The bonus is they often have soft colors which are perfect for vintage items.

Grandpa’s Love Letters

Did your Grandpa send love letters to your Grandma while he was in the military? Now that they are gone, those letters are even more precious. It gives you a glimpse into their relationship and personality. Framing a letter or two keeps them present.

Golden History

Historical letters and documents can be valuable antiques. Honor these antiquities and preserve them for generations to come. Adorn them in gold! This is the perfect time to use fanciful, ornate frames.

The Romance of Travel

Postcards make excellent framed displays! Whether it’s a vintage postcard from a relative, or a souvenir from your friend’s vacation, add a picture or two to complete the story.

Tip: Most letters, postcards or recipe cards are written edge to edge. Try float mounting it – place the postcard on top of the mat rather than cutting an opening in the mat. That way you don’t lose a single word.

Precious Words What a wonderful moment when your dear friend surprised you with this poem complete with illustrations. You’ve got to frame that!

Lot For Sale Back in the day, a handwritten bill of sale was all you needed. They were simpler times! You won’t see that again. Frame these glimpses into yester-year.

C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\I7357.jpg    C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\J7973.jpg

Amazing Valentines Cards that we have framed for our clients. These are amazing antiques with a real nice sentimental attachment!!!

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Color Trends for 2020 including Color of the Year!

Color Trends for 2020

Classic Blue is Pantone’s Color of the Year!

Pantone©, an industry leader in color forecasting, chose Classic Blue #19-4052 as the Color of the Year for 2020. It is a recognizable blue, so much so that you probably don’t go a day without seeing it in the sky at dusk, a nicely tailored suit, a pool of natural water or a bowl of ripe blueberries.

Blue is on the cool spectrum, so it has a calming feeling. This particular shade of blue represents dependability, trustworthiness, credibility and constancy. Classic Blue is a color you can relate to in this crazy, fast-paced and high-stress world in which we live. “This enduring blue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

In-Home Color & Art Consultations

Want more advice on how to use color in your home? It can be overwhelming to put a color scheme together. We can help! Our design experts will help you pick out colors that match your space and style. Call us today.

Naval by Sherwin-Williams

Pantone wasn’t the only company who tagged blue as a trending color. Look at Naval #6244 by Sherwin-Williams. According to Sherwin-Williams, “We’re predicting that the next decade in color is going to be bold. Naval merges the desire for rich, inspiring color with our yearning for relaxation and retreat.”

Chinese Porcelain by PPG

Chinese Porcelain #PPG1160-6 by PPG is a lovely blend of cobalt and ink blue. “The shade of blue instills calmness, reduces anxiety, and encourages sleep. This soothing blue imparts slowness, encouraging consumers to practice mindfulness and be more present in their lives.”


When you think of neutral colors, what comes to mind? White? Ivory? Tan? Not anymore. In 2020, the ‘new neutrals’ are pale shades of pink and grays. Interior designers are predicting that in the next 10 years, we’ll move away from non-descript neutrals, gravitating toward a more personal feel.

First Light by Benjamin Moore

First Light #2102-70 by Benjamin Moore reflects a shift in the mindset to a stronger sense for community, comfort, security and optimism.

Bombay Pink by Valspar

Look for new colorful neutrals like Bombay Pink #1006-8B by Valspar to add personality and elegance while remaining comfortable.

Romance for HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

Romance #6323 for HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams will welcome you in with open arms. It pairs beautifully with bold shades to energize a room.


What does color mean to you? And how do you use these color trends in your framing & decor? While the blues are the right color for right now, you probably won’t paint an entire room in that shade. Try soft pink-grey backgrounds with a bold blue accent. Accent pieces can be a partial wall, a piece of furniture, your throw pillows, or – for a splash of curb appeal – the front door. On a smaller scale, you could hang a piece of classic blue art on a soft pink wall or frame a neutral art piece in a deep blue frame. Classic Blue has a lot of flexibility in the color palette combinations you can use!

Did You Know?

Certain Pantone colors are trademarked. These colors usually are made specifically for well-known brands, such as Target, Tiffany & Mattel (Barbie) ….

Pantone History

Did you know that Pantone began as a printing company? In 1963, an employee, Lawrence Herbert, developed a system for color printing consistency. He later purchased the company and renamed it to Pantone, which began publishing their Color of the Year in 1999.

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Christmas Ideas – Decorating Your Home for Celebration!


Add a magical touch to your décor this holiday season!

You’ve made the cookies, addressed the cards, cleaned the menorah, and planned the party. Now it’s time for the best part – decorating your home for the holidays. Christmas ideas are everywhere. It’s easy to remember to trim the tree or light the candles, but what about your walls? Deck the halls this holiday season by using custom framing to add a festive touch. So put on some Christmas music, grab your favorite holiday drink, and get framing!


Remember the drawing your child drew and your never threw away? Framing it makes it more special.

Holiday Colors

Match a festive print with the colors of the holiday. Christmas is typically represented by the colors red and green!

Don’t neglect your walls while decorating for the holidays!

Use frame colors, subject matter, and placement around the tree to make your walls festive.

Family Portraits

Use last year’s family holiday photo to brighten up your walls.

Winter Landscape

Winter landscapes can be breathtaking. Frame your favorite winter scene

Visiting Santa

Dig out the old photo of Santa & the kids from years ago. Guaranteed smiles!


Photo Frames

In a hurry? We have ready-made photo frames that would make perfect last-minute gifts. Available in a variety of styles.

Gift Certificates

If you’re not entirely sure what style of framing to purchase for someone else, not to worry. A gift Certificate is a great way to give the gift of choice.

Give us a call or stop by to ask for details.

Door Decorations

Try something different this year – hang an empty frame on your door instead of a wreath. You can decorate the frame with bows, greenery, Christmas flowers & ornaments…or just keep it plain. This will turn your front door into a unique work of art!


Monday-Friday: 9:00 to 5:30  Saturday: 10am-4pm

Closed: Remembrance Day & Dec 24 noon till Jan 1st

Open Jan 2 2020

Get your framing projects in as soon as possible before the Christmas rush!

Want to Receive all of our newsletters for information on framing, what we are working on and special deals just for you??? Just fill in the form below & we will add your name to our list – (WE DO NOT GIVE THIS INFO TO ANYONE ELSE FOR THEIR USE):

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