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brianhangingTime to HANG THOSE FRAMES!

I am going to give you some tips on hanging your frames on the wall.

Un-package your framing and inspect the hardware.

If doing a grouping, lay out the framing exactly how you want them on the floor as near as possible to the wall where they are to be hung.

If hanging just a solo frame, have someone else assist by holding the frame on the wall and moving it around until you are happy. Place a small pencil mark on the wall just inside both of the top corners for later reference.

You may want to finalize where all the frames will be hung prior to actually hanging any of them, so you can swap them around if need be.

Determine the hardware for each & follow the directions on the back of the frame. All our framing should have specific instructions, as well as a reference (text & QR Code) to you-tube where you can watch a short how-to video that will make it a lot easier to finish the job.

Have a professional do it!
Finally, if this seems a bit much, give me (Brian) a call – we offer professional courteous delivery & hanging service.
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Nana’s Corner

suicideTime For Change

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones to suicide, to those who have attempted it and survived, and to those who are thinking about it. This is a topic close to my heart, as I too, have experienced close-up the effects, and difficulties of those in such a situation.

A couple weeks ago a news article in the Red Deer Advocate concerning this topic caught my eye. This year’s graduating class from Lindsey Thurber was going to be doing a fundraiser with this as their theme in honour of teens who have recently taken their own lives. I decided I just had to attend the event on Wednesday, February 20th, to show these young people my support in raising awareness on this topic. You can find their Facebook page titled “Suicide Awareness Red Deer, it’s #timeforchange” and ask to join the group to show your support.

Thank you, Joe Whitbread for being the MC that night. Thank you, East Side Mario’s for being the venue host. Our youth need to know that they are valuable, supported, and loved.

Fore more information visit their website
To show your support join their facebook page

BE AWARE – it can save lives!




What’s New?

vegasedit vegasfireworks recrev101

Learning in Vegas!

We were down in Vegas for 3 conventions and 1 trade show early February this year. We learned a lot of ways that can certainly benefit you – our clients! We took classes to improve our design skills, large size printing, customer service, marketing, and new equipment and technology. As a result, we are planning some big purchases that will certainly increase our services in the near future. We’ll keep these a surprise for now – more in the next issue!!

One thing we should let you know however, that we thought was really cool, we were featured in a full-colour, four page spread in a major international magazine serving the award and recognition industry! The editor called us up for a few telephone interviews, asked for some photos, and then it went to print. When we were at the convention centre in Vegas, we saw the article on the big screen and had our picture taken in front of it by the magazine staff. It was a such good trip!