Christmas Ideas – Decorating Your Home for Celebration!


Add a magical touch to your décor this holiday season!

You’ve made the cookies, addressed the cards, cleaned the menorah, and planned the party. Now it’s time for the best part – decorating your home for the holidays. Christmas ideas are everywhere. It’s easy to remember to trim the tree or light the candles, but what about your walls? Deck the halls this holiday season by using custom framing to add a festive touch. So put on some Christmas music, grab your favorite holiday drink, and get framing!


Remember the drawing your child drew and your never threw away? Framing it makes it more special.

Holiday Colors

Match a festive print with the colors of the holiday. Christmas is typically represented by the colors red and green!

Don’t neglect your walls while decorating for the holidays!

Use frame colors, subject matter, and placement around the tree to make your walls festive.

Family Portraits

Use last year’s family holiday photo to brighten up your walls.

Winter Landscape

Winter landscapes can be breathtaking. Frame your favorite winter scene

Visiting Santa

Dig out the old photo of Santa & the kids from years ago. Guaranteed smiles!


Photo Frames

In a hurry? We have ready-made photo frames that would make perfect last-minute gifts. Available in a variety of styles.

Gift Certificates

If you’re not entirely sure what style of framing to purchase for someone else, not to worry. A gift Certificate is a great way to give the gift of choice.

Give us a call or stop by to ask for details.

Door Decorations

Try something different this year – hang an empty frame on your door instead of a wreath. You can decorate the frame with bows, greenery, Christmas flowers & ornaments…or just keep it plain. This will turn your front door into a unique work of art!


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Closed: Remembrance Day & Dec 24 noon till Jan 1st

Open Jan 2 2020

Get your framing projects in as soon as possible before the Christmas rush!

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