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Michigan, USA

Hello, Everyone!  How are you all doing so far this summer?  After such a long winter, I don’t dare complain about this lovely, sunny, hot weather we are currently experiencing so far this July! 

Speaking of July, what or where did you find yourself on Canada Day?  The Boss and I found ourselves at a business event in Michigan, USA.  Yes, that’s right, we were not having a day off, we were busy learning on July 1st.

Operating a business is not a simple task — it is not just:  “Have product or a service, open doors and waaahlaaa, piece of cake, I’ll do as I please.”  Oh no!  When a person attends these business summits, you soon discover it’s like listening to various professors with different viewpoints on the same subject and  each listener has to decipher which would be best  to implement into his particular type of business, if one can remember all that is said!  We were busy learning from 8am to  4:30pm for a couple of days straight.  It was encouraging for us to attend because there have been times over the years when we felt like closing up shop. There were some highlights to the event such as a photo op with the main speakers, a chance to win an ipad (no we did not win it), free mini-chocolate bars to help keep us energized and we could buy lunch at a food stand, walk out the doors and munch on lunch beside a river.   A bonus highlight for the Boss was that he “got paid” to be there!  Well, sort of…in a small way. It’s a story in itself.

While we were over in Michigan, we did take some time to do a bit of exploring and came across Grand Haven’s Art Festival   A couple of the artists’ work there caught our eye:  painter Thomas Bauer and Estella Fransbergen who uses mixed media

We were happy to remember that back at the shop, our trusty employees were holding up the fort while the RCMP stood atop the Ol’ Wagon keeping an eye on things for us.

In the Community

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♫ Happy Birthday to You… ♫  Did you know that the Red Deer City Chamber of Commerce is turning 120 years old this year? 

Yep!  That’s right!  On Friday July 11, 2014, they had a luncheon BBQ on the old historic Black Train Bridge that crosses the Red Deer River to help celebrate this milestone.  Since Brian is a Chamber member, we figured it would be best to take a short break from work to go out and enjoy this event. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for an outdoor BBQ.  You had a choice of many beverages to wet your whistle along with tasty hamburgers or hotdogs to satisfy the rumblings of the midsection.  Even Ron MacLean made an appearance via a photograph in the hands of the City’s Mayor, Tara Veer! 

Red Deer is vying with Lethbridge to host the 2019 Winter Games.  And not to be missed, if you strolled down the hill, was the delicious Chamber Cake for dessert and opportunity to sign the banner in support of “Red Deer is Ready” campaign for the games.  

Last, and certainly most enjoyable, was to chug back up the little hill and walk across the river on the Old Black Bridge and feel the breeze blowing in your hair.

We were happy to remember that back at the shop, our trusty employees were holding up the fort while the RCMP stood atop the Ol’ Wagon keeping an eye on things for us.


I’m Back!


I’m Back

Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it’s almost August already, meaning it’s been a whole year since my husband and I welcomed our son into the big, bright world. Lincoln Jackson Makkinga made us a family last August the seventh. We can’t believe how much he’s grown and developed throughout the months. From his first coos to teething, and making his parents extremely proud when he first crawled, he now chases us around the house on speedy fours squealing “dada” all the way.
Motherhood has been an incredible, life-changing experience, but as the year comes to an end, it’s time to get back to work. The Framing Nook has welcomed me back as their trusty bookkeeper which will keep me occupied one day of the week. The return to a little pre-baby normality will be a refreshing change – not to mention a good excuse for Grandma to spend quality time with her grandson. So here I am, time to get to work!

by Maria Makkinga



Over the Counter


This year was a milestone birthday for me (I won’t say which one!) and I find I’m reflecting on my framing career over the past 8 years. I’ve learned alot for someone who thought this job would be “simple”. Framing is always a challenge, albeit a pleasant one. We’ll never get rich in the framing industry, but job satisfaction has definitely compensated for the wages. Mostly I want to take this opportunity to thank all the great clients we have had over the last few years, for their challenging projects, their interesting stories, and their vote of confidence in what we do. You have made this area of my life so much more than just a job! My co-workers, Michelle and Gord, are no less than family to me, but the one I have learned from the most is Brian. We don’t always agree, but we do always resolve any disagreements. You guys are the best!