The Difference a Professionally Designed Custom Frame Makes

Does a Frame Make a Difference?

YES!!! Most artwork benefits from having a frame

The frame-less look is popular, but is it appropriate for what you need? Does it protect your art or enhance your image? Take a look at the examples below to see what a difference a frame makes.

“Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.”

– GK Chesterton

Example #1

This beach scene is shown with three different frame styles: unframed, simply framed, and double framed. Which one draws your eye the most?

  1. Unframed Art – Wrapped canvas or print hung directly on the wall. Simple, plain, unprotected.
  2. Simple Frame – Art framed with a simple frame that matches the neutral colors of the image will expand the view. A frame will add stability to the wood frame the canvas is stretched on or protect the raw edges of a photo mount.
  3. Double Frame – A second stacked frame adds interest. Visualize it on your wall. Because of the contrast, your art immediately becomes a focal point. It looks like you are stepping into the picture.
  4. Unframed Art
  5. Simple Frame – Add a simple silver frame that blends into the building.
  6. Double Frame – Add a fillet (the black piece surrounding the art). Notice how it gives it depth to the image and highlights the black in the windows?

Example #2

This cityscape is also shown with three different frame styles: unframed, simply framed, and double framed. Which one has the most impact?

What Is A Fillet?

A fillet is a small piece of moulding that fits inside a frame. It is decorative, designed to enhance, like jewelry. Ask us how a fillet would enhance your art.

Example #3

Take it a step further! Frame it your way. There are no wrong answers, only different tastes!

What’s Your Style?

Art can be framed in many different ways based on your taste and style. Which framing design would you choose?Unframed Art

  1. Simple Black Frame
  2. Black frame with gold fillet
  3. Two frames + fillet = Stunning!

Still not sure what kind of frame you want? Let us help!

We focus on your art. Our designers know how to match your art to the perfect frame for your style.

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