Your Textiles on Your Wall

You can have your Textiles Memories on Your Wall

Needlework – Memorable Clothing etc


Fabrics, Clothing & Needlework can be Framed!

Just because a sentimental item is made of fabric doesn’t mean it has to spend a lifetime balled up in your closet. Textiles like autographed sports jerseys, handmade cross-stich pieces, delicate embroidery and heirloom clothing can be protected with custom framing. Fabric pieces make for rich visual displays so you can cherish your memories every day.

Heirloom Creations

The afghan that your great-grandmother knitted became so fragile that you packed it away. Wouldn’t it be a show stopper to display it for everyone to enjoy? Create not only a conversation piece, but an heirloom.

Cross-Stitch & Embroidery

Countless hours are spent sewing an embroidered piece – it is a labor of love – but once the stitching is complete, it still needs to be properly mounted & pinned. To display a cross-stitch or embroidery, it must be framed.

Crochet Needlework

Hand-made crocheted pieces can be delicate, beautiful….and hard to display without proper framing. Crocheting, tatting & knitting are quickly becoming a lost art. Whether these were passed down through generations or machine-made in the modern era, show them off in a custom frame.


Besides memories, the best souvenirs from travels are pieces of art; once framed, the art lets you remember your travels every day! Many travel destinations have fabric-based souvenirs unique to that region. The bonus? It fits in your suitcase for the journey home.


Favorite clothing like baptismal gowns, wedding dresses, and sports jerseys make for excellent framed displays. Capture a long-gone moment or vintage style – relive a winning sporting event, a beautiful wedding day, or a baby’s first outfit each time you see these pieces framed.

Should You Put Glass On Textiles?

YES! Glass provides Protection. If the piece will be in direct sunlight, UV-filtering glass will reduce damage from harmful UV rays. Glass also protects the art from dust, dirt, smoke and other indoor pollutants.

Acrylic Vs. Glass: Both materials come with UV protection, but…


Acrylic: available in larger sizes than glass, it is not as heavy as glass.
Glass: usually not as expensive as acrylic


Acrylic: has static, can lift fibers and distort the look of the piece, needs a special cleaner
Glass: if broken, shards can permanently tear fibers, does not come in oversize pieces

Conservation Materials Are Important For Textiles

Textiles need the same acid-free protection that art on paper needs. If mat and backing boards have acids in them, they can ‘burn’ into textiles, causing damage to the fibers.

What Is Behind Your Textile?

Your textile is stitched or pinned onto acid-free matting or backing board to ensure that it will stay in place. This process does not harm your piece and is reversible. Spacers (usually a thin strip of acrylic) are used to keep the glass off your textile.

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