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A father to remember!!


As much as Arlene and others will miss her father, she will certainly remember and take value from his qualities, and enjoy this tribute to him on her wall. We put together this job without the client coming into our store, working with her over the phone and via email to learn about him and what would go well in this memory piece. Being a true Canadian outdoorsman and creation-care-full person, we incorporated lots of nature in the photo, natural colours in the matting, weathered maple-leafs and some precious gold in the “Goodly Heritage” caption. Till you meet again, Arlene and family and friends!

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Frame Your Travels!

Remember your vacation every day!


Travel, souvenirs and memories – they go together like a hand in a glove. Some of the best memories are triggered by the souvenirs you bring back from vacation. They tell a story. By preserving those souvenirs with custom framing, you can have that memory forever. What’s your favorite travel story?

travel frame

Wedding Necklace from Africa

It was hard to choose from the many necklace styles that were handmade by the village women, but you liked this one the best. What a great conversation piece you created by having it framed.

Postcards & Photos from Hawaii

You know postcards are meant to be sent in the mail, but these images were frame-worthy! You made a great choice choosing a frame that looks native to the islands.

Hawaiian sunsets never disappoint, and it’s hard to take a bad photo of such rich colors. Neutral framing lets the bold view stand out.

National Park Poster from Yellowstone

Vacationing in USA’s first National Park was on your bucket list, and you finally made it! You couldn’t believe how much wildlife there was to see up close and personal, or how impressive Old Faithful truly was. Now you have the framed poster to remember the great time you had.

Etching from Italy

While strolling the avenues of Florence, you found a street artist who was selling etchings of the very view you were looking at – the Piazza Del Duomo. How could you resist? Now it hangs in your office to give you a mini vacation from work.

Papyrus Grass Art from Egypt

The papyrus plant is a tall, leafless aquatic plant that can grow up to 16’ high and is native to Egypt. The white pith inside is used to make the paper, which is used to paint on. It is an old-world craft, from an old country. But the paper is brittle and needs protection, so you were wise about getting it framed.

Redecorating Your Home Office?

This last year you’ve most likely spent more time in your home than you thought you ever would. You may have even rearranged some things around to create a home office or noticed that your home office needed a re-do. A little paint, a new rug and fresh art – that will work! Vacation photos and artifacts make the perfect addition to help take your mind off work occasionally.

Tip: If you are working with an Interior Designer, talk to them about incorporating travel souvenirs into a design plan.

Bringing Art Home from Vacation

While on vacation, you fell in love with a painting that had already been framed. The question is… do you ship it home that way? How much do you love the frame? Will the dealer or artist reduce the price if you don’t want the frame? How much would it cost to ship it home framed? 

If you decide to bring the painted canvas back unframed, ask the dealer or artist to remove it from the frame – DO NOT cut it off the frame! Take the staples out of the stretcher frame. Cover the painting with glassine and roll it up (not tightly) and put into a tube – plastic is best. That is the least expensive way, and then you can have it framed exactly the way you want it. 

If it is a piece of art on paper, and fairly small, cover both sides with glassine, and secure between 2 pieces of hardy cardboard. If it is small enough, you should be able to transport it in your luggage. If you cannot, shipping it will not be a financial burden. Once it is safely home, remove it from the cardboard and take it to your framer.

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