An Exciting Summer

Summer is half way over – where did it go!

As I write this, I can say it has been a cool/wet one, but it has been very busy indeed.
Proud grandparents once again!
In July we received a brand new grandson to add to our grand-daughter. They are so much fun – it didn’t take long for the little guy to dirty my pants either! His name is Ethan and is he ever growing fast!

Have you been busy? We have – between getting all our framing done on time for our wonderful clients, we’ve also been training a shop person which isn’t as easy as one would think. Custom building the frames for you is not a simple process. It takes a lot of time to find just the right person, as they need to be very dependable, responsible, careful, and there is a lot to learn as no two frames seem to go together the same. There are different methods of cutting, and joining, and so much to check for – it takes time and expertise to inspect for damage, go around the flaws keeping waste to a minimum, re-labeling, re-stocking, touchups and cleanups!

My wife Janice and I have also purchased a home in Red Deer! We can certainly help our clients better that way, especially coming in for appointments and doing delivery and picture-hanging services. I am using my acquired skills in renovations throughout the summer customizing the house for our own liking – sounds like a custom framer don’t you think? It is going to take me every afternoon and evening through the summer. Living in Red Deer will also make going to the Red Deer Market easier, we try to be there every Saturday throughout the summer, weather depending. Feel free to come visit us there! It’s alot of fun and such a great market, there’s definitely something there for everyone.

Make sure you have a great summer, stay safe and healthy, and most importantly – enjoy your world! Share it with others and do good to all!