Expert Advice


A common assumption in the picture framing industry is:

“As long as its acid free – it will preserve my framing for a long time!”

However, the truth is, the term ‘acid-free’ has been an effective phrase to persuade buyers to buy products under the pretense that ‘conservation’ or ‘museum’ quality protection will be provided. Just as your stomach gets destroyed with too much acid, acidic matboard will damage the art that it frames, even if it doesn’t come in direct contact with it, therefore matboards need to be more than just ‘acid-free’; they need to STAY acid-free.

Many boards are sold as acid-free because they are wood pulp based boards that have been chemically buffered with calcium carbonate (sound like the anti-acid you use for your tummy?) However, if they still contain lignin, they will eventually turn back to their highly acidic stage again, ready to do more damage. Not unlike the doctor who tells you to make long-term health choices that keep your stomach from being overly-acidic, a good framer will only use 100% cotton board, or highly- purified paper (alpha-cellulose) that is inherently non-acid, to maintain the ‘health’ of your framed projects! Use temporary ‘acid-free’ materials and your art will discolour, or worse, crumble to powder.

Nana’s Nook

p8045845b p7045393 p6054853A Fascination

I don’t know why, but for some reason I have this fascination with clouds this summer. Maybe it’s due to the fact that this summer weather here in Central Alberta is ever-changing; seemingly on an hourly basis. Or maybe because I have chosen to slow down a bit from the rat race and take note of some of the things going on around me now and then….you know, “take time to stop and smell the roses” idea. Which, really, is a good idea because we are empty-nesters now and blessed with 3 Grandchildren!!! Oh where, oh where has the time gone? Or maybe because you really have to pay attention as to when is a good time to mow the lawn between all the storms this year as to avoid being blown away or pelted with huge raindrops or the desire to get a tan while working when the rays are shining down. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to discover a hidden talent of photography (cough cough) or maybe it’s because I no longer use 35mm film type cameras (yes, I did just get some of those developed a couple months ago), because as you know, with these digital cameras now-a-days, there isn’t quite as much skill required to shoot off 50 pictures as you quickly change light settings, action speed settings, night setting, beach setting, video setting, museum setting, etc, etc, all in a matter of a couple of minutes and it doesn’t cost a thing to get them printed because you can view them immediately and delete the not-so-good angled shots!! Good thing too, or I’d probably be broke by now!

One advantage about living in Alberta is that you can see approaching storm clouds far out in the distance so you actually have time to go find your camera and get ready to snap lots of pictures. Here’s just a few I took so far this summer. My favorite cloud picture so far is the one of 3 funnel clouds, taken recently on Sunday evening, Aug 4, 2013 around 6pm. My Husband and I got to watch these 3 funnels do their dancing in the space of about 15-20 minutes. We were thankful they were approximately 25 kms away at the time!