ABC’s of Framing!

THE ABC’S OF FRAMING       The More You Know…


When you are at a frame shop, do you hear terms you aren’t familiar with? Does it sometimes feel like a foreign language? We’ll take you back to school – grab a pen & paper and let’s begin!

ABC's of picture Framing
Abc Framing

A is for ART –

The reason and foundation for framing

B is for BALANCE –

Various art & framing components working together


Making sure no materials are used to harm your art

D is for DESIGN –

It must be pleasing to the eye!

E is for ELATED! –

How you feel when you receive your completed project

F is for FRAME –

It holds it all together

G is for GLAZING –

Glass or acrylic protection from dust, bugs and harmful UV light

H is for HANGING –

Let us do it – we’re the professionals! 


What our designers can do for you!

J is for JOINING –

Attaching the cut moulding together to become a frame

K is for KEEPSAKE –

A special memento fit for framing

L is for LIGHTING –

You want to see the art, so illuminate it!

M is for MAT –

To keep the glazing off your art and make it look pretty!

Abc Framing

N is for NON-GLARE –

Glazing that has a reduced reflection for enhanced visibility

O is for OPEN! –

M-F 9-5:30

P is for PICK-UP –

You can come in to pickup your framed work or we also offer a delivery service!

Q is for QUALITY –

It’s what we build. We want your project to last forever – guaranteed!


Nothing is more important to us than building one with you

S is for SHADOWBOX –

A deep frame for 3D objects

T is for TAPE –

Special framer’s tape holds fine art in place without damage


Rays that can harm art. Use UV-filtering glazing for protection

V is for VIRTUAL –

You can browse what we have done for many others and get some really great ideas from our gallery collection online at

W is for WOOD –

What our frames are made from – NO PLASTICS here!


X is for XCellence–

We strive for it in all we do!

Y is for YELLOWING –

Discoloration that can happen when acidic materials touch your art

Z is for Z-BAR –

The best hangers to use when hanging heavy or large pieces


Now you know your ABCs!

How many terms did you know?
Most of them are familiar, but if you knew all 26 – you must be a framer!
If you knew 15, you’ve had several pieces framed OR you listen to us when we talk.
If you knew 5, we need to see you more often – Stop in today!


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