A lot of work going in the Grand-children’s gifts!

Jim from Red Deer is an artist for sure! He spends a lot of time designing and carving each detail in the wood carvings he makes for his grandchildren. Having their name as a focal point with surrounding design that draws attention to it, he creates a gift that is cherished today and will certainly be in the future. What a great investment of time. Knowing how much a difference good framing makes, Jim brought the artwork in to The Framing Nook and together we meticulously chose framing components that accentuate the character of his artwork, without distractions. The top matting co-ordinates nicely with the main colour of the wood and brings out it’s warm character; the bottom matte reveal adds interest with a little contrast, drawing out the shadows and inevitably the depth of each depression in the art; and the frame is nicely offset from the carving with broad matte borders, itself being a high-quality exotic natural-wood product to maintain the ‘down to earth’ quality of the gift.

Jim says: “My Granddaughter loved the piece and shows it off whenever someone new comes to visit their place.”, giving us a 5-star google review with the comment: “Awesome and professional work. Great taste in how to exhibit? my art work. Pricey but worth it!”

I think it is awesome that people give gifts that are hand made – gifts that will last forever! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part in quality gifts for your family.