Agri-Trade Red Deer 2014 was held a week earlier this year than what it was in the past. Weather-wise, the timing was great for set-up and take-down times. There was no snow on the ground and temperatures were above freezing! One day the temperatures got into the mid teens and I spotted a couple of guys wearing shorts! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before at Agri-Trade! It was really nice not to be freezing cold and all bundled up in coats and mitts this year. I’m sure the farmers enjoyed taking their time looking at the outdoor displays too.

If you’re a regular Agri-Trade attendee, you probably noticed some changes the committee has made over the last couple of years. As usual with any change, some people are benefitted and others are not. After 2 years of testing if these changes would be good for The Framing Nook, we have concluded that continuing to have a booth display present at this event doesn’t seem beneficial for our business. So at this point in time, we have decided not to be an exhibitor next year…but, time will tell.

However, we will continue to have a display, once or twice a season at the Rebels home games. Look for us on Friday, November 21 – we will have some great deals for you!