Not Just One-sided!

While most people seem to frame flat pieces of paper, seems to me the real precious things we would like to re-member are the 3 dimensional items. WE frame a lot of these in what are typically called shadowboxes. Shadowboxes are great for showing the 3 rd dimension, but they don’t really show the back side of paraphernalia that really has that added dimension. Hey – the back side might be better than the front!

There are a few ways that you can really show the best of all sides of the item.

  1. You can show the other side by using a mirror behind the object. This works well if there is no text on the back.
  2. You can show all sides by encasing in a glass box or dome – works great with say a signed football
  3. You can show the front and back by using a double sided frame which is particularly suited for double sided flat items like posters or newspapers or stained glass in front of a window.

Wanna see both sides? Just give us a call  – we have lots of solutions.

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