Now that Halloween is past, we can expect the white cold flakes to appear and stick around for a few months in Central Alberta, and thoughts usually turn toward Christmas time.  Yes, I already have some gifts purchased for the Grandchildren!  My Husband plans to sing in a choir mid-December.  Last week one of our children asked what our plans were for Christmas this year and another posted on FB a picture of paper star ornaments she had just made.  Last weekend someone asked if I did much Christmas baking anymore.  A relative asked if we were planning to travel 12+ hours to visit them at Christmas time.  Another person asked me if I thought the Star of Bethlehem was a comet.  Snow, gifts, crafts, singing, baking traditions, travel, stars.  Plenty of plans and questions already and it’s only mid November!  And so as I think about some of these plans and answers to these questions, my mind turns to deeper thoughts, like, yes, “Why do we do these things?” or “Was that traditional Christmas star really a comet instead?” or “Are all these things really necessary to be doing?” or “Ya, what do I believe about signs in the heavens?”  Maybe it’s part of my “mid-life crisis” to ponder these type of things or maybe it’s older age questioning traditions or maybe it really is from the spiritual realm of curiosity wanting me to look deeper, to do some research on certain beliefs. I don’t know, but it certainly is interesting to see what pops up on Google when I punch in some of these questions!!

“Oh, my stars!”  just popped into my head – a phrase one of my Grandmothers used to say alot.  Ok, wait a second!  That does it.  Time out!  Time to watch a video on the web about the most famous star ever: “The Star of Bethlehem”, produced by Stephen McEveety, presented by Rick Larson is what I just watched.   ASTRONOMICAL!  Gave me goosebumps – you too?