In Remembrance

At The Framing Nook, we are pleased to be able to help many of our clients remember special events and celebrate the lives of loved ones, such as we were able to do for Lorraine Kerik, whose father, Sgt. Russell Pyett, having served in World War II and the Korean War, recently passed away. Recently Lorraine brought in her father’s Royal Canadian Engineers Dress Blues (also known as his Mess Kit), and his medals & a few photos, and we mounted these into a fine display which now hangs on the walls at the Lindsay Thurber Composite High School in Red Deer. In that many of the Pyetts have called LTCHS home for many years, and Sgt. Pyett having been well known at the school and present on many occasions, in particular, the Remembrance Day ceremonies, Lorraine & the family donated the framed display in honour of her father, as a memorial keepsake for the school. We were invited to attend the unveiling and were proud to be a part of such a great way to remember those who gave us the freedom we enjoy today.

Lorraine also had us frame a display for herself, which includes many of her father’s belongings which now are nicely displayed on her wall at home, to remind her, her family  & her guests of all the contributions given &  sacrifices made. Thank you Lorraine. Thank you Sgt. Pyett. Thank you to all the brave soldiers.

Words cannot express the debt we owe, nor the    thanks we give to those who gave their time, and at the very least risked their health or life, for all of us Canadians today! I am often ashamed of how little we know about the suffering and sacrifice that many soldiers, as well as their wives & families, endured in order that we today can enjoy the peace that exists within our beautiful country.








What better way than to pray the Royal Canadian Engineers prayer:

Almighty God, we pray thee to bless the Royal Canadian Engineers.
May our bridges always stand,
and our charges never fail,
our members be ever loyal,
and our officers worthy of their loyalty.
May we work diligently in all our purposes and
be skilled in our trades;
steadfast for Queen and Country everywhere.