nanas-nook-thanksgivingCount Our Blessings

Summer time has passed for this year and that means Thanksgiving time is here once again! Where has a whole year gone? I know I’m another year older, so does that automatically indicate I’m getting wiser too? Some might say “Yes”, others might say “No”, and others might say “What in the world has gotten into her”? Some of the wilder things I’ve done so far this year is flown over a volcano on my first ever helicopter ride with its doors off, stood under and behind the mighty Niagara Falls, and climbed hoodoos in rattlesnake country dressed in a jacket, skirt and flip-flops! Not bad for a grandma, eh?! Some of the more fun things were playing with my grandchildren, cracking open an oyster to find 2 identical pearls in it, and going for a ride on the Canadian Hornblower catamaran.
Some of the more serious happenings were quite recent – that of an acquaintance’s 3-year-old granddaughter passing away due to E-coli, one of our employees suffering from a mild heart attack and one of my brothers being rushed to the hospital due to an atrial fibrillation condition of his heart.
The weather here in Alberta has been most interesting this year with spring arriving so late, the supercell passing over and dropping 1 inch plus-sized hail, gorgeously clear blue skies on hot summer days, as well as that September snowstorm!
And so Thanksgiving grants me the opportunity to reflect on all these happenings, plus more. Despite everything that has or has not happened, are you still able to be grateful and thankful?
Let’s count our blessings and name them one by one.