Another Christmas Has Come and Gone  


Another Christmas season has come and gone and once again I find myself reflecting with gratitude about this past year. As I revisit my hours at work during the busiest of times, I realize what it is that I love about my job. It’s Carol who honoured her husband’s memory of his father by framing her father-in-laws war memorabilia for her husband’s Christmas gift. It’s Corinne who gets us to frame a photo for Al of the business he operated for 15 years and retired from this year. It’s Pat who tells Terri-Lynn how proud he is of her by framing a copy of her first published book. It’s Wanda who framed her husband’s Red Deer Packers Jacket from his bygone football days. Hearing their stories, helping them pick the matting and moulding for their art and seeing the pleasure on their face when they see the final product are what make my job so great. Only one thing could be better…and that’s seeing the reaction of the recipient on Christmas morning. But you know what? I’ll hear all about it the next time they’re back for more framing!