“So just what does the boss’s wife do all day? Does she just sit at home and watch TV all day?” 


You might wonder sometimes. Hi! My name is Janice and I am the boss’s wife and co-owner of The Framing Nook. Welcome to Nana’s Nook sectional of this newsletter! Here you can follow along and see some of the various things I do behind the scenes for the business and an occasional peek into my private life! You will also find me involved with various “giving back to the community activities” under the Charity/Community Involvement sectional of this newsletter.

So to start off, maybe you have noticed a new outdoor decor item at the Nook’s parking lot? Well, searching for the ol’ wagon was one of the jobs assigned to me to do “behind the scenes” and the boss has delegated the theme decoration of it to me! I’ve discovered it’s not always easy to find suitable outdoor items for it. When considering what to put out there, I have to take into consideration that the wind doesn’t blow items away, the weight of snow won’t break it, the cold temps won’t crack things, the possibility of rain ruining items, etc. And then there is the job of finding these unique items…and yes, sometimes I do have to sit at the computer and search the web to find something interesting!

So be sure to come by often to check it out!