You are Thinking of Getting Something Special Framed So You Can Enjoy it Everyday!


Here are some tips on making it a smooth and easy process:

1. Collect Item Sometimes we simply want to frame a print or photo. As long as we take care to handle it without placing creases or puckers, an envelope with cardboard inside is great to prevent damage. However, many of our memories or collections include objects of various shapes and sizes. If you are not sure exactly which items should go in a nice display, its best to bring anything that comes to mind – it’s easy to exclude items while going over the design with a professional, but it’s another trip home if you want to add them later. You’ll need a handy box or similar item to transport them down to us without damage.
2. Add Reference Items It’s often forgotten to add reference items when framing personal keepsakes. If you are doing a personal memory keepsake of someone who has passed away, or been in service, exact names and dates as well as personal photos are really helpful both to add personality to the memories but also an identity to the possessions for future generations that will enjoy it also.
3. Your Style Take a moment to identify your likes – you may want to bring along a snapshot of something you really like, even something you saw in a magazine. This may help us with recommending a frame design to your liking.
4. Consider Final Location Think about where you may be displaying the item – again, photos are great to show us where it will hang on the wall. Often we need this information to ensure that the final framing design fits into your decor. Make use of smart-phone or digital cameras and bring them in with your items.


To ensure the project turns out how you imagined, bring the following:
• Bring in some color swatches or samples of the colors and materials in the room it will be displayed in.
• Take a photo of the room it will be displayed in with your camera (bring in the pictures either printed on paper, or bring in the digital camera or card or email it to us.
• If planning on framing some memorabilia, always bring in extra related items. We might not use them all, but if we need one or two other items to create a balanced design you won’t have to make another trip.
• Remember to bring photos or name tags of the owner of memorabilia and of their family members etc.