Proud to be an Albertan

I was not born in Alberta (I came from a small farming community in Manitoba), but I have called Red Deer home for the past 9 years and I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.

Sure we get some cold days in winter – big deal!

We’re not wimps here!
(Okay, maybe a few of you do high-tail it for Phoenix or Palm Springs…) But mostly we’re an optimistic bunch, always pointing to the fact that it may be cold but at least it’s sunny!

Not only are we positive but we’ve got loads of talent here, too. Local artists like Bernie Brown and Nathan Pinsent capture life in Alberta extremely well. Tyler Thompson and Jeremy Bresciani have done some hockey art that really must be seen to be believed. Photography artists like Nicole Wade, Michelle King and Gord Hiebert have captured western life and landscapes through the camera lens. And what about John Walters? He may not be an artist but he is a prize-winning chuckwagon driver! I’ve met many of these people over the counter in our store and the fact that they’re as humble as they are talented makes me even prouder to be an Albertan!