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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re reading this, chances are very high you have a Mom. But what if you find yourself to be the Empty Nester Mother? Having been an Empty Nester myself for 4 years now, I can relate.

10 Tips for Empty Nest Moms:
1. Prepare Yourself – Plan ahead of time, and be prepared for the unexpected! Maybe it’s grief, maybe it’s joy; you may experience the opposite of what you thought you would, but welcome it. It’s okay as long as you acknowledge your feelings. Talk about them or write them down.
2. Learn To Let Go – Don’t be afraid to let your children go! Help them become independent young adults earlier rather than later.
3. Don’t Mope – Get out of the house — literally and figuratively! Plan day trips. Start projects.
4. Try Something New! Now’s your chance to try on a new identity. Buy an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear. Go to places you would normally not visit. Go to a bookstore and sit in each section for 20 minutes and read. The point is to push past your normal way of doing things.
5. Focus On Yourself – Start talking about YOU! As moms, we’re always in the habit of talking about our kids and their lives. Shift the focus. Talk about yourself more often.
6. Make New Friends – Depending on when your children leave the home, your friends may or may not be empty nesters. But, seek out those who make you feel good about yourself or challenge you to try something new.
7. Get Healthy – Mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It’s about balance. Your mind, body and soul all interact with each other, so make sure to work on each aspect of yourself on a daily basis. If your children are not living with you anymore, that probably means you have more free time. So, take advantage of it! Try doing one thing every day that improves your physical, mental, and spiritual/socio wellness. Joining clubs is always a great idea. These can include book clubs, walking clubs, social awareness activities, church activities, etc. Just be active…at least more than you already are. You’re no longer running the kids around; so, run yourself around…or walk really fast.
8. Get Creatively Courageous – Make a bucket list. Visit museums and galleries. Travel, even if it’s just in your own community. Take a cooking or art class. Train for a sprint triathlon. Try things you always wanted to do, but never had time or money… And then share about it with your kids. Let them see that they don’t need to worry about mom.
9. Laugh! There are so many physiological and psychological benefits from laughing.
10. Rekindle Passion …for your spouse, yourself and your life! Fall in love all over again. If it’s concerning your spouse, start with scheduling a date night.

Tips written by Tammy Hotenspiller @