Scary Framing – Non-Conservation!


Damage To Your Artwork Can Be Scary!

Do you know what’s really scary? Framing that damages your art! Inferior framing materials and exposure to destructive elements can fade, discolour, and damage your framed art. Framing isn’t just about making your framed piece look good it’s about looking good forever! This Halloween let’s avoid a framing scare by using the proper materials to conserve and protect your project

Wedding Gown Framed

Acid Free is your new favorite framing term. Materials that have acidic components breakdown and outgas, discoloring and burning your art. ‘Acid Free’ materials have had those harmful ingredients filtered out, so they do not cause damage. There are two main components in a picture frame that can potentially contain acid: Matting & Backing Board. We only use superior acid free mats & foam core.

Matting goes on top of the art. If the mats are not acid
free, they out gas and cause damage, seen as brownish edges on the opening of the mat. Matting colour will fade if it is not acid free, eventually clashing with the art color. If you have acid burn or faded mats, we can re mat your project with acid free mats or 100% cotton rag mats.
Backing Board like foam core goes underneath the art. If it is not acid free, it can burn your art, causing weakening of paper fibers and decolourization. We highly recommend always using acid free backing board.

UV (ultraviolet) rays can wreak havoc on your framed artwork. If UV rays can burn skin, they can damage art as well. UV damage is a chemical reaction; changes take place at a cellular level that cause fading, discoloration and harm to your art. Art framed with ‘regular’ glass will often fade to a washed out blue tone.
Just as we put sunscreen on to protect our skin from harmful UV rays, you need to protect your art by framing it with UV filtering glass or UV filtering acrylic. We recommend glazing that filters 99% of those harmful rays.
Just because your art is inside does not mean that it is safe. It still needs UV protection. Did you know that most light sources (especially fluorescent lighting) emit a lot of UV rays? Stop the damage before it begins and opt for UV
filtering glass.

If you think your fabrics & textiles don’t need glass …ponder a few things…fabric is susceptible to dust, smoke, bugs, furnace residue, hands on people, UV rays, etc. Some fabrics like canvas can withstand harmful effects better than others, but why risk it? Moths and non visible bugs are especially attracted to silk and wool. Modern glass is nearly invisible, so you can enjoy the fine details of your textiles AND take advantage of the protective benefits glazing offers.

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Lifetime Wedding Framing!

Frame your cherished wedding day memories!


Your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life. Weddings are a beautiful time when family and friends come together to celebrate love and new beginnings. Hold on to that feeling and say, ‘I Do!’ to custom framing! Let us help you preserve the memories of your special day. Custom framing can showcase your wedding portrait, gown, bouquet, or invitation with the perfect mat and frame design; our wide variety of styles will make your project as unique as you are. Framing your wedding mementos helps ensure that they will last a lifetime. Whether it was yesterday or 50 years ago, your wedding can be on display and enjoyed every day.

Wedding keepsakes are heirlooms that get passed on to future generations; here are some ideas if you’re framing for a lifetime.

Wedding Gown Framed

Wedding Gowns

Typically, your wedding dress gets packed away for several years, unused and forgotten, until your daughter wants to wear it on her own wedding day. When you unpack it, the fabric is yellowed, moth eaten and unwearable. Why not prevent that damage and put it on display? You’ll be reminded of your special day every time you see it, and framing will keep it safe from the elements. We only use reversible mounting methods so the dress will be in pristine condition should your daughter want to wear it one day.

Wedding bouquet frmed

Wedding Bouquets

Hold on to your bouquet for the long haul! Preserve your floral arrangement for a romantic reminder of your wedding. Your flowers’ natural beauty will be retained and made into a shadowbox for your enjoyment every day. These blooms don’t have to fade!


Invitations & Save the Date Cards

You spent so much time picking out stationery don’t just throw away your wedding invitation! Turn it into a cherished keepsake by framing it. Framed wedding invitations can truly look stunning and they make great gifts!

Wedding reception keepsakes

Reception Shadowboxes

Your wedding reception was the party of a lifetime! Re live those moments in one glance by assembling a shadowbox collection of photos, keepsakes, flowers, table numbers, favors, garters and programs from your celebration. These creative displays are only limited by your imagination!

Destination Wedding Framing

Destination Weddings

Your destination wedding was perfect exotic location, intimate setting cherish those memories! Maybe you got married on a white sand beach in front of crystal clear water… or you honeymooned at an elegant European estate…or you eloped to Paris and got married in front of the Louvre. Your destination wedding was truly remarkable, filled with picture perfect moments.

Vintage Family Heirlooms

Preserve your family’s history by framing old wedding keepsakes you have tucked away. The old newspaper announcement, Grandma’s lace gloves, and
that charming vintage portrait will all be better preserved in a custom frame. Put your heritage on display so those precious family memories will not be forgotten.

Frame Engagement photo


Your story doesn’t begin on your wedding day; marriage proposals are romantic beginnings to a
lovely relationship journey. Some proposals are spontaneous and creative; others are traditional
and sweet. How did your fiancé propose?

Wedding Signature matboard framing

Signature Mats

Signature mats are the perfect frameable alternative to guestbooks. Friends and family can write
their best wishes and artistic sentiments directly onto the mat. You can then frame the mat in any
style you wish. We can cut a mat for your guests to sign.


Is there anything worse than getting something framed and not being able to see it? That won’t happen with Museum glass. Not only does it have 99% UV protection (keeps your art & objects from fading), but has exceptional clarity, so that you can really SEE what is behind your frame!

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There are so many benefits to incorporating a mirror in your décor!

Mirrors make small spaces feel larger, add variety to plain walls, increase light in dark areas, reflect the beauty of a fine piece of furniture, bring a lackluster room to life, and serve as a functional appearance check as you walk out the door. A custom framed mirror is the perfect addition to almost any décor.

Take this quiz to determine if you need a custom mirror:

Do you have an odd sized space?
Do you need to match a piece of furniture?
Do you have a space that needs punch?
Do you have a unique, hard to define personal style?
Do you want to create a focal point or conversation piece?
Do you have a dark area in your home?
Do you need to duplicate a scene in your home?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need a custom mirror built just for you! We can help!

Why do you need a custom-built mirror?

These days, it’s easy to find cheap premade mirrors; these mirrors tend to be flimsy and warped. When professional custom framers like us build your mirror, we are building it to your specifications – right down to the last detail – exactly sized for your space and your style. You get to be involved in the design process, choosing from hundreds of frame samples and mirror choices to build a unique, one-of-a-kind mirror for your home. Because it is built by hand, the quality is unsurpassed; pre-manufactured mirrors cannot compare to the care that our custom framers will commit to your framed mirror. Our framers will make sure your mirror will safely stand the test of time, hang properly, and fit beautifully in your space.

By simply changing the frame, you can design a mirror perfectly suited to your own personal style.


If you choose a mirror with a beveled edge, make the mirror large enough so that the edge does not interrupt the main reflection.

Only use one large mirror per room. Too many reflections can be visually confusing.

Avoid small ‘face only’ mirrors – save the small mirrors for trays.

Also …

Avoid small ‘face only’ mirrors – save the small mirrors for trays.

A mirror should take up ½ to ¾ of the viewable wall space if it is not bundled with other wall décor items. Balance your positive and negative space.

For tight areas like bathrooms, measure your maximum available space and make sure your framer knows your size limitation.


The most primitive ‘mirror’ was looking at one’s reflection in a dark pool of water.

At one time, mirrors were quite expensive and rare. In 1835, German chemist Justus von Liebig applied a silver metallic coating to one side of a piece of glass. This process made mass production of mirrors available and mirror use became widespread.

Some cultures cover mirrors after the death of a loved one, believing that mirrors would trap the soul of the departed and prevent them from going to the afterlife.

Some believe that hanging a mirror (which represents the element water) over a fireplace (which represents the element fire) balances the elements of nature.

Hang it right the first time!

When you are ready to hang your mirror, consider these tips for proper placement:

  • Think about the tallest person using it – don’t make them bend down or visually cut their head off!
  • Look at what the mirror is reflecting – is it pleasing? Do you want that visual duplicated?
  • Don’t let a mirror startle you. For example, if you place a mirror directly in front of your door, you may get startled by your own reflection as you walk into your home.
  • Don’t place a mirror across from another mirror – your home isn’t a carnival funhouse.



Mirrors are heavy and difficult to transport and hang properly and safely. Let us help!

We would love to deliver and hang your mirror for you! Ask us for details.

A Custom Framed Mirror Can…

...add visual interest to a specific area!

...match furniture!

...fill odd sized spaces!

...reflect elegant surroundings!

...lighten up dark areas!

...dress up boring bathrooms!

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Old Barnwood frames for a modern home????

Custom Barnwood Rustic frames look great on the right art for the right person!

Strange as it may seem, a lot of our clients want to see a really rustic frame on their modern walls. They want something real, something that nature made (or at least changed), something that has a story to it. However they don’t want a cheap knockoff that a factory simulates. They want real weathered barnwood off the wall. Discriminate buyers want to see a bit of nail holes, a few knots & cracks & splits, but the corners need to be good & tight and the frame should be straight and true. That can be a real challenge, and we love challenges!
Rustic barnwoods may be your favorite, but it isn’t for everyone and certainly shouldn’t be used on all artwork. Sometimes a contrast does bring out the best of things, just think of the photos we see of a lovely lady in a beautiful dress against an old barn door. However too much can be a negative thing, picture a modern abstract art piece with bright colours with a huge barnwood frame – wouldn’t be what I would recomend!
Here are some examples that turned out really nice. What do you think?