Old Barnwood frames for a modern home????

Custom Barnwood Rustic frames look great on the right art for the right person!

Strange as it may seem, a lot of our clients want to see a really rustic frame on their modern walls. They want something real, something that nature made (or at least changed), something that has a story to it. However they don’t want a cheap knockoff that a factory simulates. They want real weathered barnwood off the wall. Discriminate buyers want to see a bit of nail holes, a few knots & cracks & splits, but the corners need to be good & tight and the frame should be straight and true. That can be a real challenge, and we love challenges!
Rustic barnwoods may be your favorite, but it isn’t for everyone and certainly shouldn’t be used on all artwork. Sometimes a contrast does bring out the best of things, just think of the photos we see of a lovely lady in a beautiful dress against an old barn door. However too much can be a negative thing, picture a modern abstract art piece with bright colours with a huge barnwood frame – wouldn’t be what I would recomend!
Here are some examples that turned out really nice. What do you think?