Visit us at The Red Deer Oil and Gas Expo!

Our latest work with some exciting new additions!

We have decided to show off some of the latest in framing trends with a brand new booth at the September show – NEXT WEEK!!

Framing Booth

Check out the latest Oil & Gas exhibits and some custom framing that will surely impress you.

Mention you saw this article & we have a free gift for you as well!

See you there!

Blowing The Framing Nook

The wind was a blowing hard here at the Framing Nook on Tuesday at 7:00 PM.

I (Brian) was just finishing off here  in my upstairs office I was startled to hear a major rumbling & whirling sound. It was like a freight-train was in our back yard. The entire building started to shake. I ran down stairs as fast as I could to try to reach for safety. As I passed by a window I glanced to see entire sheets of plywood & insulation batts fly by our building. I couldn’t see the buildings which were a few hundred feet away, all I could see was a dark cloud of dust. I darted to a safe place near an inner wall downstairs and lay on the concrete face down,; my eyes closed and a prayer reaching out. I was bracing for the worst. The building shook and I heard several bangs…it lasted a few minutes for sure. I thought for sure I was done as it sounded like the roof was ripped off. When it quieted down a bit I got up and looked out the back window to see a huge crumpled piece of roofing that tore off a neighbours building and landed into our building, damaging our exterior  wall, my truck window & completely destroying the huge overhead door. Was I ever thankful that we were spared & didn’t have any more damage – praise God!

No framing was damaged!

Here are some pics of our building as well as some neighbours etc



Fun stuff 2017-05

Everybody needs his memories.  They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.  ~Saul Bellow

Extreme Camping Anyone???!

Many Albertan’s go camping – we just hope they are careful & don’t take too many chances!

 Q: Who opened the first drive-in gas station?

A: Gulf opened up the first station in Pittsburgh in 1913.



Around the Nook 2017-05

Our wagon display is a changin!

We have been working hard on our wagon display so drive-bys get a bit of a reaction – enjoy it if you drive by!
Mom’s day has since gone by and our spring flower display has given way to our salute to ALL THINGS HOCKEY especially with all the grueling playoffs going on – NHL Stanley Cup, the WHL Memorial Cup etc etc.
****Also- if you have any great ideas please let us know – a few people have dropped off some props that we subsequently used in the display – it was awesome!!