Christmas Gift Framing – they will love it!!

Give a Memorable Gift

‘Tis the season for gift-giving – make it a gift to remember!

‘Tis the season for gift-giving, and you may be wondering how you can come up with memorable gifts for everyone on your list. Custom Framing is the answer! Framing is a unique gift that is from the heart and unlike anything else you’ll give this year.


Something the recipient would not buy for themselves To some who haven’t custom framed before, framing might seem like a luxury purchase that they wouldn’t make for themselves. People who have custom framed understand the value of proper presentation and preservation that custom framing makes possible. Show your loved one that they’re worth it! Incredibly unique, attractive displays can be created that the recipient would cherish. Something that says “I love you / I appreciate you” Sometimes it’s hard to tell a person how much you appreciate them, so show them! Framing what is special to your loved one shows you care. Get creative – what is special to them? What makes you think of them? What are their favorite hobbies, milestones, music, or moments? Something that brings back a great memory Our lives with family and friends are made up of moments. Frame your favorite shared moment – a fun afternoon at the park, a concert, a vacation – so they can relive it every day. “We don’t remember days, we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese

What we’ve been working on:

From Hand Made Chair Cushion to Beautifull Wall-Décor!: Make it a memorable gift – but don’t wait!     December 25th is right around the corner! HOLIDAY HOURS: Monday-Friday: 9:00 to 5:30  Saturday: 10am-4pm Closed: Remembrance Day & Dec 24 noon till Jan 1st Open Jan 2 2020 Get your framing projects in as soon as possible before the Christmas rush! Convenient Holiday Services A picture containing indoor

Description automatically generated Gift Wrapping We know gift wrapping a large framed item can be challenging, so let us wrap it for you! A sign above a store

Description automatically generated FREE Delivery! This December we’ll deliver your framed project for FREE! From our place, to yours, safe and sound. (See store for limitations) D:\MgrBaks\ViaGoodSync\2AdminWeekly\Documents\Framing Nook\Marketing\Campaigns\SocialMedia\PastPosts\Getting all the Gifts reasdy for delivery!.jpg Give us a call or stop by to ask for details.

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My Pet Framed on my Wall!


Pets are a part of the Family – include them in your Framing!

If you have a pet, you know how much love and joy animals can bring to your life. Many happy memories are made with your pet at your side – the ultimate companion! Most pets like dogs and cats are considered part of the family. When it comes to decorating your photo wall, don’t forget the pets! Whether your four-legged friend is curled up at your feet or has crossed the rainbow bridge, make sure to cherish their memory by including them in your framing. Here are some creative ways to remember your pet.

   Award Winners

Did your horse win the race, or did your dog place best in show? Frame your Top Pet’s awards and photos.




Hand-Drawn Portraits

Many pet owners get hand-drawn portraits done of their favorite animals. Pencil, ink, and pastel are popular artistic choices.





Paw Prints

Memorialize your pet by framing their paw print, your pet’s “signature.” A plaster impression or inked print will be kept safe within a frame.




Your Favorite Photo

Start your day off right by looking at your favorite pet photo, guaranteed to make you smile every time!






Part of the Family

Don’t forget the dog! Pets are like members of the family. Include your pet in your next family portrait or birth announcement.






Puppies & Kittens

They grow up so quickly! Frame the moment to preserve the memory.







Why Do We Love Our Pets So Much?

They Give Us Unconditional Love: Pets love you unconditionally. Pets don’t care if you forgot to take the trash out, or if your boss yelled at you. They don’t judge you. They are just happy to be with you and spend time with you.

They Make Us Feel Needed: The act of caring for a pet has mental & physical benefits. It can give you a sense of purpose. Pets need physical activity. Exercising your pet regularly gets you up & moving.

They Remind Us How to Be in the Moment: As we become adults, it is easy to forget how to have fun and carefree. Pets can show us how to be more mindful as they don’t worry about what happened yesterday or what might happen in the future.


Which Do You Like Better?      Do you like dark dramatic contrast or light neutral colors?

What Pets are the Most Popular Worldwide?

  • 142 million freshwater Fish. Easy to take care of, but they die quickly.
  • 88 million Cats. Owners usually have more than 1.
  • 75 million Dogs. A person’s best friend?
  • 16 million Birds.

According to Live Science, 2013

Choosing a Pet for your Child

As much as we just love our dogs, a dog requires a little more work than some children can provide.

Here is a list of good “first” pets.

  • Cat
  • Rabbit
  • Guinea pig
  • Turtle
  • Fish

Let us help you frame a picture of your pet!

We’d love to hear all about your favorite animal friend.


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Oil Paintings – Framing and Displaying


The Different Parts of a Framed Painting

Oil paintings have been around for centuries. You’ve seen them lining the halls of museums, but do you know what it takes to frame one properly? What pulls it all together? Framing an oil painting is probably one of the most ‘taken-for-granted’ processes of picture framing. Let’s break it down into its parts.

Is the Painting Dry?

You should not frame an oil painting until it is dry to the touch. If your painting requires a final varnish or glazing, you should not frame it until it is completely cured. Cured is not to be confused with Dry – oil paint can feel dry but is not completely cured. Oil paint reacts with air causing it to solidify over time. This process can take anywhere from two months to several years; how long it takes depends a variety of factors such as the thickness of the paint applied.

Stretching the Painting

Most paintings are sold already wrapped around a wood frame, a method known as Stretching. Quite often an artist will stretch the canvas on a frame that is inexpensive, raw wood. These frames can damage the canvas painting over time. For a painting to last forever, it should be stretched on a good quality kiln-dried raised-lip stretcher bar. These stretcher bars come in a variety of sizes and depths. We can advise you about the quality of your stretched canvas.

Framing Options

Now that your painting has the proper structural mount, you can give it the finishing touch – the visible frame that surrounds it. Traditional picture frames are frequently used to frame paintings, but we also have Floater Frames made specifically for works on canvas. When should you use a Traditional or a Floater frame? Most of that decision depends on what you like or want.

Floater Frames

Floater Frames attach to the backside of stretched canvas bars. The entire surface of the painting as well as the edges are visible. The canvas appears to float within the frame, thus the name Floater Frame.

Traditional Frames

Traditional picture frames have a lip that fits on top of the painting to keep the canvas secure. This lip covers approximately ¼” of the painting’s surface. The edges are completely hidden in the frame.

  • If an artist’s signature is covered by the ¼” lip of a traditional frame, use a floater frame.
  • If the edges of the painting are unfinished or you can see staples, use a traditional frame.
  • If your painting is not ‘square’ it will be very noticeable using a floater frame. Ask us how we can fix that.

Gallery Wrap Vs. Traditional Stretch

With traditionally stretched canvases, the fabric is wrapped around shallow stretcher bars and secured to the sides. The edges are left unpainted and staples are visible. The canvas is usually intended to be framed before presentation. The shallow depth ensures the bars can fit inside normal frames.

With a gallery wrap, the fabric is wrapped all the way around the edges and secured to the backside of the stretcher bars. Edges are painted and finished; no mounting methods or staples are visible. The canvas is usually intended for frameless display. Deeper stretcher bars provide a more pronounced appearance.


What About Glass & Backing?

Usually oil paintings do not have glass because they are already varnished, providing a protective surface. If it is not varnished, glass would inhibit the oil from curing, if the paint hasn’t fully cured. You can put glass on an oil painting, but the paint can out-gas causing an etching on the glass. If the glass breaks, it can slice the canvas. Ask us what is best for your painting.

On the backside of your framed painting, there should be a ‘dust cover’ which is a sealed paper cover. This cover prevents dust from settling in and bugs from munching on your tasty painting. Now your oil painting is ready to outlast you!

Take Care With Your Painting

Oil paintings don’t need a lot of maintenance; dust with a dry soft cloth or dry paint brush. Keep it in a climate-controlled home. Although oil paintings are pretty hardy, it is best to keep it out of direct sunlight.


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Framing Collections – why all the stuff?


How do you showcase and preserve a collection? You frame it!

Collections! We all know someone who collects items like Beanie Babies, shot glasses, seashells, or wine corks. A collector’s item is any object regarded as being of value or interest to a collector (not necessarily monetarily valuable or antique). Why do we collect items? Is it because we hope to make a profit someday? Is it to create a legacy after we are gone? Is it for the thrill of the hunt or an emotional connection to the past?

Everybody collects something. You think you don’t? What about all the concert tickets you kept? Or the baseball cards & comic books you had as a kid? Or the record collection you’ll never throw away? Celebrities often have world-famous collections. Collections represent more than a bunch of stuff. They represent a moment in time; an emotional attachment; an experience. A collection evokes a smile every time you see it.

So how do you showcase and preserve a collection? You frame it, that’s how! And, believe it or not, there are very few collections can’t be framed. If your collection is hidden in a shoebox under your bed or tucked away in a closet, consider framing it. Our creative designers can come up with a safe, attractive way to display your collection so you can enjoy it every day.

The ‘Has to be Framed’ Collection

Art & Photography collections typically require some sort of framing. Photographs can benefit from uniform framing styles and conservation materials, while art can be enhanced and protected with the right frame.

Celebrity Collections:

Steve Martin: Paintings by Pablo Picasso, George Seurat, & Edward Hopper

Jamie Lee Curtis: Modern Photography

Elton John: Photography

What is a Shadowbox?

Collectibles tend to be three-dimensional objects. Quite often, framing a collectible involves building a shadowbox that can accommodate the object’s size. A shadowbox means there is depth to the frame display, usually achieved by using a tall frame moulding and lining the insides with matboard.

The ‘Perfect For Framing’ Collection

Pictured: an example of a Model Car of personal project vehicle – Frame painted to match!

Some collections use framing to unite and tie multiple pieces together. Collections that include small items like coins, bugs, or spoons can benefit from framing all the items in one place.

Celebrity Collections:

Chris Pratt, Anna Faris & Claudia Schiffer: Insects

Angelina Jolie: Antique Knives

Nicole Kidman & Wayne Gretzky: Coins

Dan Aykroyd: Police Badges

Harry Connick, Jr.: Cuff Links

Whoopi Goldberg: Bakelite Jewelry

The ‘After You’ve Played With Them’ Collection

There are entire industries built around toy collectibles. Vintage board games, rare dolls, and old books & magazines are rather valuable items. Certain toys and games are connected to a fond memory of childhood. Framing them properly can highlight their nostalgia while also preserving them for future generations.

Celebrity Collections:

Johnny Depp: Limited Edition Barbies

Quentin Tarantino: Vintage Board Games

Demi Moore: Porcelain Dolls

Conservation Grade Materials

We want your collectibles to survive for a lifetime without change of color, damage from glues, or out- gassing from materials that are not acid-free. Our framers use the very best materials for your projects.

Pictured: Frames can open to remove your toys!

What do you collect?

We can frame it!

Stop by to see how creatively we can frame your collection!

The ‘Focal Point’ Collection

Many collections are either too large or numerous to frame all of them. One or two special pieces get framed and displayed, acting as a focal point for the collection.

Celebrity Collections:

Jimmy Page, Keith Richardson, Kiefer Sutherland: Guitars

Rod Stewart: Model Trains

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Framing with Kids in Mind!

It’s All About The KIDS

Celebrate the creative children in your life!

There are many benefits associated with creating art. It can be relaxing to paint, draw or color. Art allows your imagination to run wild and your inner child to emerge. But for kids, creating art can teach them so much.

  • It encourages innovation & out-of-the-box thinking
  • It fosters imagination and creativity
  • It builds confidence & self-esteem
  • It provides an outlet to express thoughts & feelings

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Framing your kid’s art encourages your child; it lets them know they are important, and their talents are worth exploring. Let them be part of the design/frame process – after all, they are the artist!

Kids Portraits:

Many parents have their children’s photos tucked in a wallet. Add some joy to your walls! Put a frame around that carefully posed portrait or the snapshot that makes you smile every time you look at it.talents are worth exploring. Let them be part of the design/frame process – after all, they are the artist!


Frames For Kids

Endless Framing Ideas

Children provide endless framing possibilities…birth announcements, baby clothes, sonograms, sports games, religious rites of passage…so many milestones and achievements happen in such a short time.

Celebrate them!

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Remember how much fun it was to match colors and patterns when you were a kid? Involve your child/artist with the process of designing the frame package; they will take pride in their accomplishment. We’ve got lots of fun, colorful mouldings that will match your kid’s art perfectly.

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